This Halloween My Stepsis Jumped My Bones!

This Halloween My Stepsis Jumped My Bones

Bratty Sis Molly Little, Mia Kay

Talk about a tasty Trick For A Treat: This Halloween My Stepsis Jumped My Bones. Literally! Molly Little and Mia Kay are having a blast decorating for Halloween. When Nathan Bronson, Molly’s stepbrother, comes in and compliments them, the girls are all smiles. Molly even gets up nice and close to a skeleton and pretends to fuck it and suck it while Mia urges her on. Mia grabs a corn cob, puts it next to Nathan’s crotch, and pantomimes a handjob. Molly is curious whether Nathan’s dick is that big, and he invites her to find out.

But she can’t; After all, Nathan is her stepbrother. It’s time to Stop Clowning Around Stepsis! The girls jet to change into their costumes. Molly is the first to return to the living room, where she finds that the skeleton has grown a real cock. It’s time for Step Brothers Dick Or Treat! She gets on her knees to start sucking it, thinking it’s Mia’s boyfriend. Mia enters the room and reveals that her boyfriend is out of town but agrees the skeleton has a nice cock.

So she encourages Molly and joins for a double teen blowjob. Molly figures out who it is, so she takes the skeleton away. The girls are Scared Out Of Their Pants as Molly prepares to mount the cock. This time, she twerks against it for real. This Halloween My Stepsis Jumped My Bones is more fun than Trick Or Treat. Mia wants in on the action and takes it from behind while Molly watches and masturbates. Then the teen girls say Nathan’s name to tell him they know.

Walking over to the couch, the girls sit side by side with their sexy legs spread. Nathan then drops to his knees to pleasure their teen pussy lips, first Mia’s and then Molly’s. Then he lays down so Molly can ride him reverse cowgirl while Mia rides his darting tongue. Getting Mia on her knees, Nathan fucks her from behind while Mia feasts on Molly’s shaved bald teen pussy.

Bratty Sis Molly Little, Mia Kay

This Halloween My Stepsis Jumped My Bones - S24:E10

Molly winds up on her back with Nathan hammering between her legs and Mia riding her tongue. When Nathan is ready to cum, they discover Molly’s Stepbros A Shooter as he blasts Molly and Mia’s pretty faces. The girls exchange creamy cum swap kisses, enjoying the sensation of being freshly fucked. This Halloween My Stepsis Jumped My Bones, but always remember: What Happened On Halloween stays among the family! 😉

Actors: Mia Kay / Molly Little