My Step Cousins Are Bad Bunnies!

My Step Cousins Are Bad Bunnies

Emma Starletto, Jewelz Blu, Lacy Lennon, My Family Pies

Hot milf Vera King can’t get over how cute her daughter, Lacy Lennon, and her adopted sisters, Jewelz Blu, and Emma Starletto, look dressed in their Easter outfits. They plan on taking the traditional family photo, but Lacy and Jewelz first refuse if they can’t look sexy. Good Little Bunny Lacy speaks for all three when she says they won’t do the photo unless they can be sexy bunnies. Vera agrees but tells them to hurry because step-cousin Seth Gamble is coming. Soon, he will be saying, My Step Cousins Are Bad Bunnies!

When Seth arrives, the girls refuse to take any photos unless he removes his shirt and puts on bunny ears with them. They’re finally ready to take the first photo, but the battery on Vera’s camera has died. Seth suddenly finds himself alone with the trio of horny bunnies. It won’t be long before they are Fucking Like Rabbits! Once again, Lacy takes the lead, asking Seth which of the three he thinks is the hottest. They each show off their teenage tits to help Seth decide. It’s no surprise that he can no longer hide his throbbing cock!

When Lacy notices, she claims that she’s the best at sucking cock. Jewelz and Emma aren’t about to let Lacy win that one without a fight. After the sloppy triple teen blowjob, Lacy announces that she wants her step-cousin to fuck her. She gets on the couch and flips her miniskirt up so that Seth can pull her thong down and give it to her. Once again, Lacy takes charge sexually of her adopted sisters. She starts by eating Jewelz out, but eventually, Jewelz wants real dick, not tongue.

Emma Starletto, Jewelz Blu, Lacy Lennon, My Family Pies

My Step Cousins Are Bad Bunnies - S13:E2

Lacy moves on to eating Emma out. Then Emma takes Seth’s doggy-style cock while she licks Jewelz’s teen pussy lips. The girls lay on their backs side by side to offer Seth an all you can fuck triple teen pussy buffet. He takes Jewelz first, then Emma. When he finishes Lacy off for the second time, she begs him to cum inside her hot redhead teen pussy Seth isn’t about to say no to an Easter Bunny Creampie Surprise! As the cum drips, Jewelz and Emma each taste a fingerful before Emma feeds some to Lacy. Vera walks in on the taboo foursome in their sexually spent aftermath. My Step Cousins Are Bad Bunnies, indeed! 😉