What Happened On Halloween?

What Happened On Halloween

Gina Gerson, Tiffany Tatum Step Siblings Caught

Besties Tiffany Tatum and Gina Gerson are getting all dressed up for their Halloween party. Tiffany’s stepbrother, Nikki Nutz, tries to walk in on them, but the girls boot him out. They take their time putting on their costumes, with Tiffany dressing as a Greek goddess and Gina dolling herself up in a sexy burlesque outfit. The girls have just taken some pictures and are settling in to enjoy the more sexual aspect of their What Happened On Halloween friendship.

Nikki returns wearing a scary mask. He can’t believe his eyes at his hot stepsis and her friend, so he decides to record the show. When the girls notice Nikki’s naughtiness, Tiffany shoves him against the wall, telling him to cut it out. That’s when she notices Nikki has a boner! Tiffany is pretty into her stepbrother’s hard-on, but Gina is even hotter for it. She’s already feeling herself up when Tiffany turns around with Nikki’s cock in her hand.

Kneeling before Nikki, the two girls share their trick for a treat double blowjob. That sets the scene for the hot-blooded threesome that is inevitable at this point. The trio relocates to the bed, where Gina bends over so Tiffany can lick her barely legal tight teen pussy. Wet from her friend’s cunnilingus, Gina climbs aboard Nikki’s hard-on as Nikki lays on the bed and watches as his step sisters hot friend begins her ride.

Tiffany Tatum & Gina Gerson Step Siblings Caught

What Happened On Halloween - S15:E3

Once Gina Gerson has hopped off, Tiffany Tatum gets the opportunity to enjoy her stepbrother, too. She starts with a reverse cowgirl ride with Gina’s help to ensure everything feels fantastic. Getting on her hands and knees, Gina buries her face in Tiffany’s muff to eat her girlfriend out while Nikki slams into her from behind. When Gina has had enough, Tiffany scoots forward and spreads her thighs to let Nikki give it to her. With a bit of help from Gina, Nikki gives his stepsis a trick or treat creampie that drips slowly from her satisfied teenage pussy.