Halloween Trick For A Treat!

Halloween Trick For A Treat

Trick For A Treat! - S11:E4

Tyler Nixon has a long-standing history of pranking his stepsister Lacy Lennon during Halloween. However this year Lacy has had enough. She asks Tyler to cut it out and even promises to do his chores if he’ll simply leave her alone. Tyler plays hardball, so Lacy even offers up her car so he’ll leave her alone. When Tyler continues to hold out, Lacy says she’ll put in a good Trick for a Treat word for him with a friend of hers that she knows he’s crushing on.

Desperate, Lacy decides to show her stepbrother her boobs because she knows he has the hots for her, too. She pulls her shirt up so Tyler can take a good long look at her teen titties. Tyler then promises that he’s not going to prank Lacy. Not surprisingly, later that night, Tyler goes back on his word and puts on a scary trick or treat mask prior to knocking on Lacy’s window.

Scary Good Halloween Sex

Lacy Lennon Step Siblings Caught

She yells at him for his childlike behavior and for going back on his word. Frustrated, lacy that strips and gets ready for bed. While Lacy is asleep, her blanket is mysteriously taken down twice. Scared, she quickly runs to Tyler’s bedroom, still nude. She firmly insists there’s a ghost in her bedroom and asks him to let her sleep with him. When he attempts to tell her to go back to her own fucking bedroom, Lacy indicates she’ll make it worth his while if she can remain.

Tyler agrees, and it doesn’t take long before his hot stepsister’s mouth wrapped around his cock. Even though it’s so fucking wrong, Lacy wants the trick for a treat dick and when she’s had enough of sucking Tyler off, she climbs on his cock. She bounces away, riding cowgirl with her titties bouncing on every stroke. Then she turns around on her knees and leans forward.

Lacy Lennon Cum Splashed Treat

Halloween Trick For A Treat Cum

Tyler can now enjoy every inch of her big bubble butt as he bangs her from behind. Winding his hand in his redhead stepsister’s hair, Tyler pounds her teen pussy hard and fast. When Lacy wants to keep going as she turns onto her back and hooks her knees behind her elbows. Tyler takes her up on the invite to really go to town on her perfect tight pink teen pussy. He pounds away to the tune of Lacy’s moans up until he’s all set to bust a nut. Pulling out, he blows his Step Siblings Caught trick for a treat cum load all over her sexy belly.

Actors: Lacy Lennon