Scared Out Of Their Pants!

Scared Out Of Their Pants

Rosalyn Sphinx and Gracie Green are Scared Out Of Their Pants

Rosalyn Sphinx and her BFF Gracie Green are enjoying a horror flick together. The movie is even more distressing since Rosalyn’s stepbrother, Van Wylde, will not leave them alone. His plan is to make them scared out of their pants as he creeps up behind and puts a hand on each of their shoulders. Then he takes a stick and utilizes it to raise his stepsister’s skirt to sneak a peek beneath.

When Van shows up putting on a Halloween mask, the girls recognize they’re too frightened to continue. Both bail on watching any more of the scary movie. They relocate upstairs and start getting ready for bed. Horny Van won’t leave his stepsis and her BBF alone even as they get naked. Rosalyn and Gracie are not aware that he’s perving on them. Additionally, neither one is aware that he’s masturbating to their tight teen bodies.

When they both go to sleep, Van takes the opportunity to put the Halloween mask back on and creep into their bedroom to perv some more. He gets to Gracie initially. Taking down her pants, he awaits her to awaken and signals for her to be silent prior to sinking his rock-hard cock deep into her tight little pink pussy. Gracie is alarmed but does her best to hold the moans and groans.

Nonetheless, Rosalyn eventually wakes up and decides she needs to get into the sex action and make it a threesome. She goes to work pleasing Rosalyn with a lesbian pussy licking while Gracie jumps on her hands and knees for a doggy style pounding. Rosalyn Sphinx goes crazy while her best friend laps her teen pussy for all it’s worth.  The cunnilingus gets Rosalyn so fucking horny that she requires her stepbrother’s cock to make her cum properly.

Rosalyn Sphinx Creampie Finish

Scared Out Of Her Pants - S8:E6

Soon Rosalyn is taking turns with Gracie so they can both enjoy Van’s cocksmanship. He doesn’t quit pumping until he has filled up Rosalyn with a creampie, which leaves this scared out of their pants Step Siblings Caught threesome completely satisfied. If you fap to Gracie Green and Rosalyn Sphinx as much as the Tight Pink Teens™ team does, we’ve got you covered. Check their sexual escapades out at Bratty Sis, Detention Girls, Nubiles-Porn, and My Family Pies.