Stepbros A Shooter!

Stepbros A Shooter

Stepbros A Shooter - S18:E7

Alex Jett and Ryder Rey are part of a newly blended family, and Alex cannot get over how hot his ebony stepsister is. He can’t help but perv on her. Today, Alex accidentally drops his fork as an excuse to slide underneath the table as they eat. Once down there, he uses his cell phone to snap photos of his Stepsisters Panties beneath her miniskirt. Although Ryder has let Alex’s perviness go so far, she can’t ignore the latest transgression. She insists that Alex delete the pictures from his phone. When Alex pushes back, Ryder makes him a deal that if he deletes the phone, she wants to know How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother? If her Stepbros A Shooter and can spray his cum load three feet, Ryder will fuck him.

Alex has until tomorrow night to prepare and agrees to delete the photos. The next day, Alex receives a package containing a huge squirting dildo that he thinks will give Ryder the cum show she wants. Ryder almost busts him, but Alex manages to hide the package. When it comes time for Alex to take on Ryder’s challenge, he discreetly puts the fake dick on. Then gives it a few strokes for good measure. Pun intended! He claims he needs help from his stepsister. So Ryder flashes her teen boobs. She even crouches down three feet away to receive Alex’s cum shot. The squirting dildo delivers, spraying Ryder in what she thinks is Alex’s ejaculation.

She is unbelievably turned on, something she didn’t expect from her stepbro. He has met the conditions of her challenge, so she’s happy to dish up her end of the bargain immediately. Peeling her shorts down, she gets into bed and wiggles her ass to invite him to fuck her in the doggy. Alex isn’t about to deny himself that pleasure. He discreetly puts the dildo away and shoves himself deep into Ryder’s black teen pussy with his real dick. Ryder doesn’t seem to notice that the cock is different, even when Alex rolls onto his back and lets Ryder suck her wet teen pussy juices off his lengthy shaft.

Ryder Rey Step Siblings Caught

Ryder Rey Step Siblings Caught

She is thrilled with what Alex has between his legs. Ryder samples his manhood going from deep-throating to riding it in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Moreover, Ryder lets Alex have his way with her as he squeezes that big black ass and slips a finger into her browneye. Evidently, that is his Stepsisters Secret Fetish! She rolls onto her back and spreads herself wide open for Alex to stick it in her and get her off again. Throwing her head back in pure orgasmic bliss, Ryder rides out her final climax. The Good Stepsister then watches with greedy eyes as Alex pulls out to cover her belly in a cum shot of his own.

Actors: Ryder Rey