Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better!

Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better

Bratty Sis Minxx Marii, Natalia Nix

Cole Church has an extra wristband for a sold-out music festival. The problem is he has an adopted sister and a stepsister who both want to accompany him. Minxx Marii asks first, but Natalia Nix is right behind her. Cole claims neither girl is his favorite because they’re in the way of the television. Frustrated, Minxx and Natalia take off. Minxx returns a short while later, wearing a sexy pink thong highlighting her hot booty. She then gives Cole a lapdance to prove he should take her to the festival. When Natalia observes what Minxx is doing, she’s not far behind, believing Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better!

She peels off her shorts to give Cole something better than any lapdance. A hot teen blowjob! Cole agrees to give the ticket to whichever sister can suck his dick best. Now the competition kicks into high gear. Natalia knows they better Be Nice To Brother and challenges Minxx to suck Cole off first. Minxx is pretty good at sucking cock, taking her stepbro nice and deep while adding tongue-swirling action to the swollen head. Natalia is up to the challenge as she aggressively attacks her adopted brother’s throbbing cock. She starts with her tanned teen tits out and her mouth ready to please. Minxx gives Natalia time to catch up before sucking Cole’s ball sack to double down on Cole’s oral pleasure.

Next, the girls turn around and shake their asses for Cole to enjoy as they each peel off their panties. Nude, they shift their sexual energy to who can fuck their stepbrother best. Cole gets to enjoy Minxx’s tight teen pussy first, then Natalia slides down for a brief reverse cowgirl ride as well. Minxx’s hands are all over her petite tits and Latina teen pussy as Natalia swallows the shaft. Now that Cole knows his sisters can fuck, he offers to buy a third ticket to the festival. As long as they can kiss and make up. Even though it’s wrong, the girls agree to finish Cole.

The taboo trio heads to the bedroom to prove how tight of a family they can be. Cole finds himself on his back with Minxx giving him another stiffie ride as Natalia laps at Minxx’s small titties. Then Natalia gets on her back with Cole thrusting away between her legs and Minxx riding her tongue. Minxx and Natalia swap spots as Cole makes the girls work hard for their tickets. With Natalia on her hands and knees, she backs up so Cole can give it to her from behind in doggy style. Minxx takes the opportunity to get in front of Natalia to have her fat teen pussy also eaten out.

Bratty Sis Minxx Marii, Natalia Nix

Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better - S21:E6

Once again, the girls swap sex positions so that Minxx gets a doggy-style teenage pussy pounding with her face buried deep in Natalia’s bald teen pussy. Her adopted sis lays on her back, licking her teen pussy lips to perfection. The Step Sisters take one last round of pounding in missionary before Cole’s performance cums to an end. Natalia and Minxx prove sharing is caring by getting on their knees. Natalia gets Something Sticky on her face, then sucks Cole’s cock dry before snowballing the salty treat with Minxx. The girls enjoy a deep Cum Swapping Sis kiss to prove they’re one big happy family. Freshly fucked, now it’s time to go to the music festival!