What A Man Wants!

What A Man Wants

Lilly Bell, Ryan Keely Moms Teach Sex

Lively Lilly Bell has had a crush on her family’s older friend, Will Pounder, since she was jail-bait. Recently, Will has begun to notice and encourage Mutual Attraction. It’s growing evident that there’s something up between Lilly and Will. Even when they believe they’re being discreet. They do their best to hide their flirtation until Lilly spies on Will getting out of the shower. Later, Lilly hops onto the counter in her mini skirt, spreading her legs so Will can glimpse her panties. This is definitely What A Man Wants!

Lilly’s stepmom, Ryan Keely, female intuition kicks in and knows they are getting a little too close for comfort. She doesn’t immediately act, but when Lilly and Will get too close while playing foosball, Ryan knows she needs to call the ball. She sits the couple down on the sofa and tells them their actions are inappropriate. Will and Lilly try to deny the obvious, but Ryan tells them she’s seen them in action.  Given their significant age difference, she feels it’s inappropriate.  In addition, Ryan points out that Lilly probably doesn’t even know how to care for an older man!

That provokes Lilly into claiming that she knows what a man wants. So Ryan tells her to prove it. Ryan pulls Will’s big cock out and starts sucking him off. She then passes the man meat to Lilly so she can critique her stepdaughter’s oral technique. Now it’s time to prove who gives The Better Blowjob! Guiding Lilly’s hairy teen pussy over Will’s hard-on, Ryan helps her stepdaughter down until her teen pussy lips are filled with dick. She watches Lilly’s technique and then takes over so she can ride Will and show them both how an experienced woman fucks.

Lilly Bell, Ryan Keely Moms Teach Sex

What A Man Wants - S15:E1

Then Ryan repositions to become the milf in the middle, eating Lilly out as she gets her mature pussy pounded from behind. Lilly takes a turn in the middle next, with Will pummeling her wet teen pussy and Ryan riding her face. As Will gets closer to cumming, Ryan adjusts her position to suck Lilly’s tits as Will splashes her tummy in spooge. The hot milf then leans forward to lick up the creamy treat. Now, all three can agree that Lilly knows what a man wants!