Stop Clowning Around Stepsis!

Stop Clowning Around Stepsis

Scarlet Skies Step Siblings Caught

Codey Steele and his dad have just moved in with Scarlet Skies and her mom. Codey and Scarlet have not figured out how to coexist comfortably yet. However, with Halloween just around the corner, they have something to discuss. Scarlet wants to dress as a famous evil clown, but Codey nixes her idea. Taking off upset, Scarlet puts on her sexy clown costume anyway. Then decides to try it out on her Stop Clowning Around Stepsis stepbrother. Codey doesn’t seem phased by Scarlet’s initial appearance, but Scarlet isn’t done being a total creeper yet.

She follows Codey around the house with her red balloons. Ensuring he catches peeks over her but not for long enough to be sure she is there. When Codey lays down for a nap, Scarlet crawls on top of him and stares down. Codey wakes up to a spooky clown face staring right at him. Once her stepbrother sees her, Scarlet comes on to him hard. She grabs his hand to drag his fingers through the slit of tight teen pussy. Then tugs his pants down to go to work, sucking him off. Codey wasn’t looking for sex with his new stepsister, but Scarlet insisted.

She crawls up his body, sinks onto his fuck stick to rock her hips, and rides him in a rhythm that quickly gets her moaning. Codey eventually sits up and helps Scarlet as she slides back on top of him with her back to his chest. When she climbs off and gets on her hands and knees in an invitation for Codey to do some of the work, he takes her up on it. Getting to his knees, he slams balls deep into Scarlet’s cock loving teenage pussy and goes to town, giving her a  taboo trick for a treat.

Scarlet Skies Step Siblings Caught

Stop Clowning Around Stepsis - S18:E9

Scarlet Skies loves the way her stepbrother fucks. She demonstrates her excitement by rocking back into every one of Codey’s enthusiastic thrusts. When Scarlet rolls onto her back, the horny redhead brings her knees up to her chest to spread herself wide open. Now Codey can eat her out before replacing his tongue with his cock. Codey is so wound up he can’t stop until he has delivered a creampie into Scarlet’s hot young pussy, a Halloween trick or treat that she licks off her sticky fingers.

Actors: Scarlet Skies