Giving My Stepsister Her Christmas Present!

Giving My Stepsister Her Christmas Present

Bratty Sis Macy Meadows, Lacy Tate

Lacy Tate and Macy Meadows are on the search for gifts in Giving My Stepsister Her Christmas Present. However, they keep getting caught by Macy’s stepbrother Jason. Jason sees them twice and tells the girls that if he finds them sneaking around a third time, he will fuck them. They don’t believe him, so they keep up the search and go to Jason’s room, where he finds them again. All It Took Was A Dare as Macy doubles down by pulling her shorts down so Jay can Just Stick It In.

Lacy loves it, rocking back and forth on the cock as Jason confesses they’ve done this before. He invites Lacy to join in, and Lacy doesn’t have to be asked twice to get on her knees and massage the balls. Who knew giving my stepsister her Christmas present could be so much fun? Then she strips down so Jason can have a teen pussy buffet to bang. The girls flip onto their backs so that Josh can have his choice again. Once Lacy has had her go on the dick, Jason goes to banging Macy.

Lacy then takes that opportunity to ride Macy’s darting tongue. The girls suck their goo from the cock, and then Macy hops on in reverse cowgirl while eating Lacy out. The girls tag out, with Jason pulling out just in time to cum all over Macy’s face to give the girls a Christmas present straight from his cock. If you enjoyed Giving My Stepsister Her Christmas Present, check out these two hotties at Cum Swapping Sis and My Pervy Family!

Bratty Sis Lacy Tate, Macy Meadows

Giving My Stepsister Her Christmas Present - S25:E5

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