Pretending To Be Sick For Dick

Pretending To Be Sick For Dick

Dana Wolf wants her stepbrother’s dick, and she’s the kind of teen girl who’ll get what she wants. She heard a rumor at school that Kyle Mason’s cock was huge, and despite her best efforts, she finds herself obsessed. Masturbation with Kyle in mind isn’t enough, so she hatches a taboo plan to get him to fuck her teen pussy. She pretends to be sick and waits for Kyle to come to check up on her. Will Pretending To Be Sick For Dick work?

Dana confesses that she has a terminal illness. One that not even her mom knows about. She asks Kyle for a brotherly hug to make her feel better. She takes this further, claiming she feels warm as she takes her shirt off. Kyle is uncomfortable, but he stays put to support his sister. Wearing only her sexy panties, Dana asks Kyle to hold her while she falls asleep. Reluctantly, Kyle gives in to Dana’s request. She then claims that the friction from Kyle’s clothes makes her uncomfortable and asks him to undress. Even though it’s inappropriate, he does as he asks.

They spoon together naked, giving Kyle a huge boner. Dana wiggles her bottom against his stiffie until his thick dick slips into her tight teen pussy. Kyle instantly apologizes, but Dana insists he keeps fucking because it feels so damn good. Now, she has Kyle right where she wants him, pretending to be sick for dick works! Dana gets on and wiggles out of her panties. He watches in awe as his Caring Stepsister sucks his cock and then impales her teenage pussy upon his girthy shaft.

Dana Wolf Princess Cum

When Dana has had enough of that sex position, she leans over the bed. Kyle slams into her balls deep from behind, doggy style. Finally, Dana flips onto her back missionary style, urging Kyle to keep on fucking her. He’s so excited that he busts inside Dana’s wet teen pussy, which was her plan all along. Now that she’s gotten the creampie she wants, she lets Kyle know she’s not sick. Getting him in bed was all a taboo sex ploy. If you enjoyed Dan Wolf in Pretending To Be Sick For Dick, don’t miss her self-exploration videos on the Nubiles Network!

Actors: Dana Wolf / Kyle Mason