Step Brothers Dick Trick Or Treat!

Step Brothers Dick Trick Or Treat

Brothers Dick Trick Or Treat - S11:E7

It’s Halloween time and Penny Pax is chillin’ in the kitchen with her stepdaughter Haley Reed in their costumes. Haley asks her stepbrother, Codey Steele, where his outfit is. He informs her that he’ll put the outfit on later. But for now, he has something else to show her instead. Little does Haley know that Codey is hiding his cock in the candy bowl when she reaches in for a handful of dick trick or treat.

Haley is pissed at first, but it’s short-lived as she gets the idea that Codey ought to prank his stepmom with the very same dick trick or treat joke. Like Haley, Penny Pax falls for it as well! Irritated at Codey, she calls her partner Chris Valiant in to discipline his son. Chris puts Codey in the corner and tells him to stay there with his cock out as punishment until he loses his boner.

Halloween Stepmom and Daughter Treat

Penny Pax and Haley Reed Moms Teach Sex

Stepsister Haley Reed decides to take advantage of the erection situation and isn’t done paying Codey back yet. She taunts him as he stands in the corner, flashing her perky little titties at him to keep his dick hard. Haley waits until she hears Penny returning, then escapes to avoid getting caught. Irritated that Codey’s dick timeout isn’t working, Penny whips out her huge boob and shakes them around. Surely, Codey can’t be attracted to his mommy’s boobs, right?

Turning around, Penny wiggles her sexy ass at Codey. She can’t figure out why he still has a boner, so she leads him into the living room by his cock. Then Penny calls Haley in to help her finish Codey off considering that Haley is the one that started it. With Penny’s direction, Haley unwillingly starts sucking her bro’s dick. Then fulfilling every straight man’s dream, stepmom Penny joins in for a double blowjob.

Moms Teach Sex Threesome Finale

Moms Teach Sex Halloween Threesome

Codey’s cock stays fully erect, which leads Penny to instruct Haley to get on her hands and knees. Now Codey can fuck her doggy style. Mommy isn’t ready to let her kids have all the taboo fun. So she impales her MILF Pussy on Codey’s fuck stick. Penny then rides him as Haley and Codey both enjoy her bodacious bouncing boobs. She wants more and moves to her back with Haley riding her face and Codey banging her mature pussy.

Considering that Haley began this Halloween mess in the first place, Penny wants Haley to be the one to help Codey finish it. She gets Haley on her back and encourages Codey to bust a nut all over his stepsibling’s stomach. As the cums flies, Codey is finally able to eliminate his boner. The girls take a few dick trick or treat moments to have fun with Codey’s jizz before Penny notifies her stepchildren that they better get cleaned up as this Moms Teach Sex episode cums to a close.

Actors: Haley Reed / Penny Pax