If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf!

If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf

Bratty Sis Andi Rose, Scarlet Skies

Bratty Sis Andi Rose has enlisted Scarlet Skies to help her set up some If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf pranks for her stepbrother, Robby Echo. His Stepsisters A Joker, but Robby can’t believe his stepsister is so sexual. The jokes get increasingly sexual as the days count down to Christmas, although they reveal to Robby that both girls watch porn. The third prank involves the elf getting double-teamed through a glory hole, which the girls hope will send Robby a clear message to Poke A Tree With A Dick In It!

When Robby still seems confused, Andi suggests they play Christmas elf games for real. Robby worries he might get too sexual for the girls, but they assure him it’ll be fine, and he agrees. Later, Andi and Scarlet walk back into the living room to find Robby dressed as a real-life elf. He has set up a lemonade stand with his Christmas Dick In A Box, implying his lemonade is piss. Andi states that she’s going to tell their parents, so Robby quickly puts his cock away, thinking he’s fucked up. All It Took Was A Dare to discover his Stepsister And Her Friends Want Dick For Christmas!

Getting on their knees, Robby tells them to Lick My Candy Cane! Scarlet and Andi swallow his dick with plenty of sucking as the girls enjoy Taking Turns with their tasty treat. Now that Robby is primed for more, they relocate to the sofa. Scarlet is the first to cum, Sitting On Santas Lap, as she lays back in Andi’s arms and lets her BFFs stepbrother give it to her. Once Andi realizes Scarlet is enjoying herself, she climbs on her lips to ride Scarlet’s talented tongue as she gets dicked down.

Bratty Sis Andi Rose, Scarlet Skies

If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf - S21:E1

Robby gets on the couch next so Andi can impale her brunette teen pussy, bouncing hard in reverse cowgirl while Scarlet frantically rubs Andi’s clit. Moving onto her hands and knees, Scarlet takes a perfect teen pussy pounding next, with Andi licking her BFF’s browneye. Their teen threesome winds down with Andi on her back and Robby between her long legs, bringing her to her final climax. He pulls out seconds later, spilling his Cum Tea onto Andi’s hairy muff in the closing act of What If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf?