Stepsister And Her Friends Want Dick For Christmas!

Stepsister And Her Friends Want Dick For Christmas

Jazmin Luv, Eliza Ibarra, Alicia Williams, Step Siblings Caught

Stepsister And Her Friends Want Dick For Christmas begins as Eliza Ibarra is getting together with her friends Alicia Williams and Jazmin Luv to make gift boxes for charity. The girls have decided to dress in matching festive elf outfits for the occasion. It’s just a bonus that those outfits are sexy as hell. As the girls put the boxes together, they gossip about all the cute guys they will meet. And how horny they are. When Eliza’s stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, joins them, Eliza tries to tell him to go away.

Ricky says he’ll stay, provoking Jazmin to taunt him that he’s only here because he’s in love with Eliza. Trying to dispel the awkwardness, Eliza tells Ricky he actually can help by playing Santa for some social media pics. Eventually, Ricky agrees to dress in the Santa costume and lets the girls snap photos of him. Jazmin announces that someone should sit on Santa’s lap and immediately volunteers, which enables her to feel Ricky’s hard-on. As Eliza turns her back, Jazmin enlists Alicia’s help as they pop that beefy cock out to play with.

Eliza is initially irritated, but once she sees what a nice cock her stepbro has her attitude changes. Dropping to her knees with her friends, step sis Eliza joins in the cock play while begging Ricky not to tell her mom. When he indicates that he won’t, the trio of sexy elves goes to work on a triple blowjob. The girls want to do more than suck that hardon. Jazmin gets the first turn with the dick as she gets on her hands and knees. Then slides her thong aside so Ricky can do her tight pussy in doggy.

Alicia Williams, Eliza Ibarra, Jazmin Luv Step Siblings Caught

Stepsister And Her Friends Want Dick For Christmas - S19:E4

Eliza positions herself in front of Jazmin so her friend can lap at her hard nipples and then lean down to eat her out while Alicia takes up the mantle with Eliza’s tender teen titties. On her back and cradled in her BFFs’ arms, Alicia spreads her legs for Ricky to give her some Christmas cock. Eliza gets Ricky to lie on his back so she can enjoy her brother in cowgirl. Then switches into reverse cowgirl as her friends get on their knees so Ricky can use both hands to rub their teenage pussies. The girls finish the Stepsister And Her Friends Want Dick For Christmas foursome by sucking Ricky off until he rewards them by blowing his load for all three girls to enjoy.