Lick My Candy Cane!

Lick My Candy Cane

Lick My Candy Cane - S16:E9

Vanna Bardot has a unique relationship with her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson. They act like they don’t like each other, with Nathan constantly pranking Vanna. Beneath that teasing relationship is a more profound desire that neither of them has admitted. Today, Vanna can get back at Nathan for some of his pranks. She and her friend Lulu Chu decorate the tree when they rub a candy cane on each of their teenage pussies and then have Nathan taste them and say which he likes better. It won’t be long before he turns the tables and says, Lick My Candy Cane!

They masturbate with a candy cane, and when Nathan comes into the living room, they ask him to sample them. The girls can barely wait until Nathan has tasted the goods before they start making fun of him. That upsets Nathan, who escalates the situation further when the girls whip out their pussies to taunt him by whipping out his dick in return. The next thing he knows, Lulu has pushed him down, and his dick has slipped right into his step sisters dripping young pussy.

It turns out that Vanna likes how Nathan’s fuck stick feels inside her based on her little moans of delight. Now that she’s had the goods, she’s not about to let it end without a climax. Lulu cradles Vanna as she gets the first taste of Nathan’s cock, but she also wants in on the fun. As soon as both girls are naked, Lulu climbs on top of Vanna so that Nathan can take her from behind as she makes out with Vanna.

Lulu Chu, Vanna Bardot Bratty Sis

Lulu Chu, Vanna Bardot Bratty Sis

Then Nathan lays down in front of the Christmas tree so the girls can each pick a part to ride. Vanna gets Nathan’s dick while Lulu takes his face. As they ride in tandem, they kiss and fondle each other’s chests. Eventually, Vanna Bardot yields Nathan’s hard-on to Lulu so she can go for a reverse cowgirl ride until she’s mewling in passion. Once they’ve each had their fill, the girls work together to blow Nathan. They want to ensure he busts a nut, too. He nuts in their open mouths, leaving them with a Cum Swapping Sis treat to enjoy.