Stepsisters A Joker!

Stepsisters A Joker

Bratty Sis Rose Winters

Bratty Sis Rose Winters has decided to prank her stepbrother, Jay Romero. She starts screaming in pain as she puts her shorts on until Jay comes running. Rose tells Jay that she’s got her pubic hair stuck in the zipper and then begs him to put his hand down her shorts to help her out. Jay reluctantly does as Rose asks, only for Rose to grab his hand and start yelling for her mom to get him in trouble. You see, Jay’s Stepsisters A Joker!

Jay tells Rose he’ll do anything she wants if she’ll stop trying to get her in trouble. Then she tells him to show her his dick. Once she sees it, Rose kicks Jay out of her room. The next day, Rose gets dressed as Jay creeps up on her in the hallway. Watching through the open door, Jay pops his cock out and starts masturbating to his pranking stepsister. Rose calls out that she knows Jay is there and that she was kidding about wanting to see his dick.

When Jay calls Rose a teasing bitch, she hops onto the bed and hikes up her miniskirt to tease him with her stepsister’s teenage pussy. Jay takes her up on the invitation and slides it into her tight teen pussy. As much as Rose enjoys having Jay banging her, she wants to suck his dick. Jay gets on his back so that Rose can go to town deep throating his big cock. When Rose straddles his hips and sinks onto his fuck stick, Jay thrusts in synchrony to her bounces.

Bratty Sis Rose Winters

Stepsisters A Joker - S22:E7

Eventually, Rose turns around for some reverse cowgirl fun, too. Getting on her hands and knees, Rose spreads her thighs wide so her stepbrother can lick her browneye before slamming back inside to pound that young pussy doggy style while spanking Rose’s ass. That’s all Jay can handle before pulling out to pop all over Rose’s ass. Instead of reassuring her stepbro that she won’t tell, Rose starts calling for her mom again. Even though his stepsister is a joker, he can’t deny she is a Fabulous Fuck!

Actors: Rose Winters