You Were Gonna Fuck My Friend!

You Were Gonna Fuck My Friend

Lily Larimar and Anna Claire Clouds

You were gonna fuck my friend starts as Lily Larimar and her friend Anna Claire Clouds want to watch TV. Neither of them cares what Lily’s stepbrother, Jason, wants. Jason concedes the television and goes to his room to masturbate, but Anna follows him. When she sees what Jason is doing, she wants in on it. Literally! She tries to seduce Jason, but he does his best to resist. Climbing onto the bed, Anna takes what she wants.

She pulls out Jason’s dick and starts sucking and stroking him until he can’t say no to her. Just as Anna is getting ready to climb onto his dick, Lily walks in on them. Jason tries to claim that he isn’t going to do anything wrong, but Lily is positive that he will fuck her friend. Eventually, she says that she wants Jason to fuck Anna because she wants to watch.

Jason agrees, and Lily begins masturbating as she watches them go at it. Anna loves to share, so it’s no surprise when she offers to let Lily join in on the fun. Jason keeps pointing out that it’s wrong. Nevertheless, he’s not about to turn down the opportunity to fuck his hot stepsister and her friend. With Anna cradling her head against her soft body, Lily lays down, and whimpers with delight as Jason shows her tight teen pussy how good it can feel with his big cock.

Lily Larimar and Anna Claire Clouds

You Were Gonna Fuck My Friend - S15:E6

Now that they’ve officially moved into threesome territory, the girls can explore all the naughty things they’ve ever wanted to do with Jason. Anna gets on her back with Lily riding her mouth and Jason pounding her cooch. Then Jason lays down so that Lily can take a spin on his fuck stick in reverse cowgirl.

The girl’s trade-off, taking turns nicely as they each enjoy a ride, and then each takes a doggy style young pussy pounding. As Jason reaches his climax, he pulls out and blasts his load all over his step sisters back. Anna is happy to lick her BFF clean and then share her creamy treat with Lily in a Step Siblings Caught cum kiss before Jason kicks them out.