My Stepsister And Her Hot Friend!

My Stepsister And Her Hot Friend

My Stepsister And Her Hot Friend

My stepsister and her hot friend bring an entire new meaning to step sibling harmony! Alex Blake is flirting with her BFF Carolina Sweets stepbrother Kyle Mason. Then he calls his hot stepsister ugly. Later, the girls come up with an absurd plan to totally fuck with Kyle’s head. They both get naked and tell Kyle that they’re paralyzed and need his assistance.

They tell him that he must use some lotion to massage them until they’re able to move again. Kyle squirts the lotion onto Alex’s belly and gladly rubs it into her nubile tits and tight pink teen pussy. After working on Alex, Kyle moves on to give Carolina the same treatment. Much to his surprise, the girls reveal that they aren’t actually paralyzed at all. Alex then whips out Kyle’s dick and starts sucking while Carolina watches.

Her stroking hands and slurping mouth are all that is needed for Kyle to accept Alex’s sexual invitation. She spreads her legs wide and invites him inside her slutty pink pussy. Watching the show leaves Carolina horny and wanting in on some action herself. She presents her amazing ass to Kyle and even though it’s wrong, he gladly takes her up on the offer. Before you can say taboo, Kyle is balls deep in Carolina’s dripping wet honey hole.

Cum Kiss Facial Finale

Alex Blake and Carolina Sweets Threesome Facial

Kyle pounds away as Carolina moans her deep sexual excitement. Next, she flips onto her back to watch Kyle fucking her. An incredible sight that can’t help but get her hotter than a whore in a peter patch! Once Carolina cums down from her powerful orgasm, Alex takes her place in front of Kyle as she gets on her hands and knees. He thrusts hard and deep to please the blonde coed while she buries her face in Carolina’s creamy teen pussy.

When Kyle has completely satisfied Alex’s needs, the two girls get onto their stomachs and work together to deep throat his big cock. Their combined blowjob efforts bring him off, as Alex Blake and Carolina Sweets are rewarded with a hot double facial! My Stepsister And Her Hot Friend is just one fine example of taboo family fucking from our friends at Nubiles-Porn and Step Siblings Caught. Check them out and see why we are proud to review and promote their award-winning content!