Moms Master Plan!

Moms Master Plan

Athena Rayne, Edyn Blair Moms Teach Sex

Edyn Blair wants to pee in peace, but her pervy stepson Sam Shock won’t let her. Sam also likes watching his stepsister Athena Rayne whenever he can. Mom and daughter are sick of Sam’s perverted tendencies, so they decide to get back at him. They have their chance when Sam “accidentally” spills a cup of chocolate milk on Athena right in front of Sam, then puts her hands all over her daughter’s boobs to clean it up. It’s all part of Mom’s Master Plan!

Edyn scolds him and demands that he wash Athena’s clothes for her. The catch is that Sam has to get naked, too, and put up with ridicule from his stepmom and stepsister. Now that the girls have their chance to let Sam know how it feels to be touched and judged without consent, they take it up. Athena grabs Sam’s dick and leads him to the bedroom, where she gives him a handjob until he’s nice and hard.

When Edyn joins her daughter and stepson, the two girls work on implementing their master plan. They take Sam for a ride, with Athena getting the first opportunity to whip out her tits and straddle Sam’s massive member. Meanwhile, Edyn plants her greedy snatch on Sam’s face to silence his protests. Sliding forward, Edyn gives Sam a reverse cowgirl ride.

Moms Teach Sex Lessons

Moms Master Plan - S9:E9

Then she urges Athena Rayne onto her hands and knees so Sam can fuck her juicy pussy until she’s moaning. MILF Edyn Blair takes one final pussy pounding, keeping Sam playing stud until she cums. After the girls have gotten dressed, they agree to let Sam get off. Working together, they give him a dual handy until he pops all over his stomach, leaving him covered in his cum with his How To Fuck Your Mom lesson learned.