Dick Appointment For Stepbrother!

Dick Appointment For Stepbrother

Bratty Sis Xxlayna Marie, Lulu Chu

Guess What Happened On Halloween. Lulu Chu is hanging out with her BFF Xxlayna Marie, but she’s bored and restless. She has the hots for Xxlayna’s stepbrother, Robby Echo, for quite some time. Today, she decides it’s time to start acting on that desire as they call to make a Dick Appointment For Stepbrother. Lulu begins by making a list of dick doctor questions. Then she blocks her phone number, calls Robby, and begins the prank call. Lulu tells Robby that she’s calling from Dr. D’s office. She goes down her list of questions under the guise that it’s Robby’s annual penis checkup. Xxlayna has no idea what Lulu is up to or whom she’s speaking with. Even so, his answers get both of them hot.

The girls can’t keep their hands off themselves as Lulu continues her Dick Appointment For Stepbrother questionnaire with Xxlayna’s stepbrother on the other line. Eventually, Lulu asks Robby if he can get hard, offering to talk dirty to help him. Of course, Robby takes her up on it. He immediately slides his hand into his pants and starts jerking off. Suddenly, Lulu tells him she’s got to go. After Lulu confesses that she was talking to Xxlayna’s stepbrother, Xxlayna tells her she’s always wanted to fuck him. Taboo sex makes it even hotter!

Lulu encourages her to come with her to see if Robby is just bragging or telling the truth about the size of his cock. They change into nurse outfits, but before heading to the living room, Robby enters the bedroom to see if they’ve been getting weird phone calls. They reveal that it was “nurse” Lulu on the other line the entire time. Robby seems open to taking things further when he gets over his surprise. Next thing Robby knows, his stepsister and her best friend are on their knees with his eight-inch cock in their mouth.

It’s a real-life Dick Appointment For Stepbrother as they explore every inch of his manhood with their roaming hands and talented tongues. Scared Out Of Their Pants, the girls take things a step further as they push Robby onto the bed before climbing on top of him to keep on sucking. When they’ve got Robby nice and hard, Lulu takes the first go at hopping onto his cock in reverse cowgirl, with Xxlayna frantically rubbing her clit for extra pleasure. Seeing how Lulu climaxes, Xxlayna leaves behind her sexual inhibitions. She then gets on for a cowgirl ride while Lulu finger fucks her hot Asian teen pussy beside them.

Bratty Sis Lulu Chu, Xxlayna Marie

Dick Appointment For Stepbrother - S20:E5

Lulu gets another go with Robby as she lays on her back with him, pounding away at her greedy teenage pussy. When Xxlayna climbs onto Lulu’s face so Lulu can devour her teen pussy lips, it turns into a Family Threesome. Xxlayna then gets her orgasm as she enjoys a doggy-style pounding with her face buried deep between Lulu’s legs. Watching his stepsis cream around his cock is too much for Robby. He pulls out as his Step Sister Gets Ghost Slimed, ending their Trick Or Treat threesome. As Lulu and Xxlayna snowball the salty treat, it’s time to make a follow-up Dick Appointment For Stepbrother! 😉