Sitting On Santas Lap!

Sitting On Santas Lap

Moms Teach Sex Silvia Saige, Nikole Nash

Silvia Saige is looking in the mirror after getting out of the shower when her husband, Dalton Lee, enters the room. He should wear his Santa suit and get to work, but he cannot resist his big tits wife. When Silvia is in bed, Dalton drops the suit to the floor and starts feeding on her creamy pussy. Unbeknownst to Silvia and Dalton, their adopted daughter Nikole Nash, who has had a thing for her father since a young age, catches wind of their antics and enjoys what she sees. It won’t take long before she’s Sitting On Santas Lap!

When she hears her stepbrother approaching, Nikole flees. Kyle Mason, a son of Dalton, witnesses his parents engaging in immoral behavior. He then takes advantage of the occasion to enter secretly and take the Santa outfit. Kyle prepares himself in the Santa costume in the living room later that evening and waits to see what will happen. It doesn’t take him long for Nikole to notice him as she goes to get a drink of water.

She sees a chance to woo the man she believes to be her adoptive father. She unsuits Kyle’s dick to her heart’s delight before climbing into his lap for a stiff Santa ride. Just before Silvia enters, Nikole realizes that Santa’s cock is Kyle’s. Silvia, who believes Santa is Dalton, gets undressed and sits down on the dick in reverse cowgirl before Nikole even has a chance to hide. Nikole doesn’t want to see her mother enjoying herself so much, so she comes out and calls out her mom for fucking her stepson.

Moms Teach Sex Silvia Saige, Nikole Nash

Sitting On Santas Lap - S14:E7

Kyle loses patience and reminds the girls that the season is about giving. However, the girls continue their cock fight. That is sufficient evidence. Nikole and Silvia resolve to collaborate so that everyone can enjoy themselves. They begin by giving him a blowjob. This allows them to alternately suck his hefty shaft and balls. Then, as Kyle fucks mother from behind, Silvia kneels on the chair to lap away at Nikole’s tight pink teen pussy. As Kyle bangs his stepsister, Silvia can ride Nikole’s face. Then as Kyle collapses, Silvia Saige rides her stepson’s mouth while Nikole takes a stiff ride. Once they have received enough Christmas spirit, the girls team up once more for another blowjob until Kyle nuts in Nikole’s mouth. As his stepmom sucks Kyle’s dick clean, his jizz runs down his sister’s chin. Merry Christmas from the Tight Pink Teens team!