Poke A Tree With A Dick In It!

Poke A Tree With A Dick In It

Andi Rose Step Siblings Caught

Kyle Mason has long wanted his stepsister Andi Rose, but this Christmas, he’s about to see that wishes do cum true. Their adventure starts with Andi doing some Christmas crafts at the table. Kyle is creeping on her, as is usual, but this time Andi is ready for him. She asks him to help with her craft, and Kyle returns, saying he will on the condition Andi shows him her tits. Andi doesn’t think twice; she flashes those lovely boobies in Kyle’s direction. Then goes back to work while her stepbrother plots his Poke A Tree With A Dick In It Christmas surprise.

What is Kyle supposed to do besides help his step sister out and check her out at every opportunity? Especially now that he knows what her breasts and tight little nipples look like beneath her shirt. Knowing something interesting is about to happen, Andi excuses herself to change into sexy pajamas. Kyle takes the opportunity to slide his dick in the advent calendar he’s just created. He gets Andi to open the day he has fucked, then waits for her reaction. Although Andi is initially shocked and a bit upset, she has to give her stepbro props for creativity.

Kyle insists on ten licks instead. Andi thinks about it, then decides that’s fair. She counts out ten licks of the tip but then finds that that’s not enough. Removing the calendar, Andi takes a big mouthful to suck in a deep throat blowjob. Even that isn’t enough for this cum hungry coed, so she leads them to the bedroom. Now she can greedily suck Kyle down and then have some fun. Laying on the bed with his stepsister’s lips wrapped around his stiff dick is every stepbrother’s fantasy.

Andi Rose Step Siblings Caught

Poke A Tree With A Dick In It - S19:E3

However, Kyle is even more excited when Andi straddles his hips and buries his cock deep inside her teenage pussy. Her hands are all over her boobs as she gyrates on Kyle’s thick dick. Falling to her side, Andi lets Kyle do the work as he spoons her to fuck her from behind. When Andi rolls onto her knees, Kyle gets behind her and delivers the doggy-style pounding that his step sis needs. He finishes her off on her back, leaving Andi responsible for Kyle’s pleasure. She’s cool to get back on her knees and open wide as Kyle’s cum shot hits his stepsister’s open mouth. She savors the flavor as it drizzles down to her perky teen tits. Now that’s a Poke A Tree With A Dick In It Christmas present Santa can bring down our chimney anytime!

Actors: Andi Rose