My Stepsis And Her Friend Are Stuck!

My Stepsis And Her Friend Are Stuck

My Stepsis And Her Friend Are Stuck starts out innocently enough. Destiny Cruz and her friend Lily Larimar are trying new hairstyles in the bathroom when Destiny’s stepbrother, Joshua Lewis, squeezes past them to grab a towel. Destiny claims he’s grabbing a jerk towel. However, he snaps back, claiming the girls’ hairstyles are stupid. Joshua boldly threatens to return and fuck them if they get stuck again! It’s not long before Joshua’s prediction comes true. He enters to find both girls with their hair caught in the oven. Lily offers to let Joshua touch her teenage pussy if he helps them. He takes her up on it, then cops a feel on his Caring Stepsister for good measure.

Once Destiny had enough of the touchy-feely display, she insists that Josuha let them go. He does, but Lily admits she liked it before she follows Destiny out of the room. It doesn’t take long before the Girls Who Lie give Joshua his chance to fuck them. Destiny finds herself stuck in the refrigerator while Lily is in the dishwasher. Since Destiny can’t see what’s happening, Joshua sneaks up, removes Lily’s panties, and hikes her miniskirt. He sticks it in and gives her a few deep pumps while Destiny tries to figure out what’s happening. They don’t get enough time to enjoy each other before Joshua frees her and sends her to help Destiny.

She didn’t cum, but it was enough to whet Lily’s appetite for more. Later, the girls find their hair tangled together as they sit on the couch. They have to call Joshua in once again. Lily suggests that they let him fuck them, and eventually, Destiny agrees. Since the girl’s hair is still entangled, they lay back on the couch together. Now Joshua can fuck them as he planned all along. Destiny gets the first taste of her Stepbrothers Little Dicky as Lily rubs her teen tits and masturbates beside her. Then Joshua lets Lily have another go with his hard-on.

Bratty Sis Destiny Cruz, Lily Larimar

My Stepsis And Her Friend Are Stuck - S21:E4

He takes a moment to free them, then watches as they drop to their knees together to lick the taste of their combined juices from his cock in a double blowjob. Destiny Cruz gets on her hands and knees so Joshua can fuck her from behind while she eats Lily out. When it’s Lily’s turn to enjoy Joshua’s cock, she rides him hard in reverse cowgirl. Destiny then hops aboard to mirror Lily’s position, which leaves her moaning in pre-orgasmic bliss. She lifts off Joshua just in time for Lily Larimar to stroke him into her mouth. Lily climbs onto the couch to snowball Joshua’s hot load with Destiny. It doesn’t take long for both girls to agree that they should fuck Joshua more often.