Bambi Black Payback Sisters Revenge Fuck!

Bambi Black Payback Sisters Revenge Fuck

Bratty Sis Sisters Revenge Fuck

Bambi Black is getting ready for a night on the town with her date. As she picks out her sluttiest fuck me outfit, Bambi’s perv stepbrother Ricky Spanish likes what he sees. In fact, he becomes so aroused that he whips his cock and begins masturbating as he watches his smoking hot sister. He then powers his way into Bambi’s room at the appropriate moment with his boner still in hand. Literally!

Caught red-handed Ricky makes up a lame story about searching for his car keys. That doesn’t fly with Bambi who isn’t buying her stepbrother’s masturbation excuse and calls for her stepmom Claudia Monet. Claudia protects her daughter’s honor but comes back to scold Bambi that she’s in trouble for wearing slutty clothing and for attempting to go out on a date while still grounded.

Bambi is pissed that this entire ordeal is Ricky’s fault. She is determined to get back at her stepbrother for fucking up her date night. She calls him back in and pulls out his bigger-than-expected cock so she can show off her blowjob skills. Hopping on the bed, she pulls her panties aside and instructs Ricky to shove his huge cock into her tight pink teen pussy. He doesn’t need to be asked twice, immediately banging his stepsister balls deep.

Bambi makes no attempt to hold her moans and groans as she experiences multiple orgasms. All courtesy of her brother’s cock. When they don’t get caught in the bedroom, Bambi pulls Ricky by his dick to the kitchen. Here they have a much better possibility of getting caught fucking. This time Bambi attempts to be a little bit more secretive with her devious sexual plot.

Sisters Revenge Fuck Caught

Bambi Black Bratty Sis

Ricky begins banging her from behind doggy style while their mommy sits at the table unaware of the taboo fuking go on behind her. That’s not good enough for Bambi, so she moves them to the sofa when Claudia leaves the room briefly. When Claudia returns, they’re right in her line of sight if she’ll simply look up! There, Bambi impales herself on her stepbrother’s fuck stick reverse cowgirl POV.

Her next move is turning around and riding him cowgirl style while pushing her teen titties right into his face as they continue to fuck. Claudia only catches on to the taboo twosome when Bambi gets back on her knees to suck Ricky’s cum out of him. Too bad for Bratty Sis Bambi Black black that stepmom Claudia Monet blames her for the sexual shenanigans! If you love taboo teen porn as much as the Tight Pink Teens™ team does, check out Bambi at My Family Pies and Step Siblings Caught!

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