These Taste Like Dick!

These Taste Like Dick

These Taste Like Dick - S26:E8

It’s Easter, which means it’s time for some classic marshmallow chicks! Aria Valencia and her friend Allie Addison are enjoying themselves with the snacks while commenting These Taste Like Dick! Aria’s nosey stepbrother, Joshua Lewis, overhears their conversation and begins questioning the girls about how they know what dick tastes like. The girls tease Joshua, then decide to fuck with him.

Later, Joshua returns to the living room to find both girls wearing nothing but some “strategically placed” marshmallow chicks. yes, these taste like dick, but they want the real thing and invite him to come and fill their Easter baskets with his big fat carrot. When Joshua hesitates, Aria and Allie claim they will care for each other sexually. French kissing and caressing, they give Joshua one last chance to come fuck their tight teenage pussies.

He’s nervous but doesn’t want to let this inappropriate opportunity leave him with blue balls. After enjoying a double team blow job, Joshua becomes his Step Sisters Fuck Bunny as he slams into Aria’s tight teen pussy as she lays on the couch with Allie riding her talented tongue. Soo the taboo trio is Fucking Like Rabbits! Allie gets on her knees as Joshua bangs her from behind in the doggy while she sucks at Aria’s tiny teen titties and nipples. When Joshua gets on his back, Aria can easily impale in reverse cowgirl while Allie watches and gives a hot masturbation show.

Bratty Sis Aria Valencia, Allie Addison

Bratty Sis Allie Addison, Aria Valencia

He finishes Allie off with one final barely legal orgasm as she lays on her back, with Aria helping keep her sexy legs spread. Since Joshua has stuffed their baskets nicely, the girls can’t wait to help him pop. Working together, they suck and slurp his cock until he nuts into Good Little Bunny Aria’s mouth. The girls lick Joshua’s freshly fucked hard-on clean, then share a snowball kiss to enjoy each other with their salty treat. These Taste Like Dick, indeed!