First Moon Party!

First Moon Party

Anna Claire Clouds, Katie Kush, Kyler Quinn Princess Cum

Anna Claire Clouds and her BFFs Katie Kush and Kyler Quinn are making preparations for a period (aka First Moon Party) party. Oliver Flynn, Anna’s stepbrother, is confused about why she is having a period party now since she’s been on the rag for quite some time. Anna points out that she didn’t have one when her period started, so she wants one today. Oliver takes that opportunity to out Anna’s family roleplay fantasy, which her friends somehow ignore. Oliver then agrees to hang out and have some first moon party cake.

This proves smart since he watches the girls bouncing around in short red dresses as they try to hit a pinata in the shape of a uterus. Oliver brings the cake over with his big dick out like he’s gonna fuck the frosting vagina. Katie and Kyler try to stop him in disgust. However, his Stepsisters A Joker, and she tells him that he should go ahead and fuck it! That’s when she declares that the first moon party isn’t to celebrate her period. It’s to celebrate her last period she plans on getting pregnant!

When Oliver asks what his stepsister means, she spells it out sexually. She wants her well-hung stepbrother to fuck her and her friends. Without giving Oliver a chance to decline, the girls move to their knees to gobble Oliver’s cock in a triple teen blowjob. Then they help Oliver move to the couch, where Anna impales her teen pussy and rides him in reverse cowgirl while Katie and Kyler support her. Katie gets the on her hands and knees next so Oliver can pound her teenage pussy in doggy while also licking Anna’s teen pussy lips.

Princess Cum Anna Claire Clouds, Katie Kush, Kyler Quinn

First Moon Party - S7:E10

When Oliver sits up, Kyler settles on his dick to ride him. Adjusting their group sex positions, Anna rides Oliver’s mouth while Kyler licks Katie’s slit. The foursome then forms a pink porn pussy pleasing chain as Oliver bangs Anna on her back, with Katie riding her face and leaning forward to tongue Kyler’s freshly fucked hole. Oliver has done his best to hold his cum, but cannot any longer. The first moon party girls make sure that he blasts his baby batter deep with a creampie inside his stepsister to impregnate her. Easy Cum Easy Go, it’s time to start picking out a name for their newborn child!