You Can’t Wear That To School Nikole Nash!

You Can’t Wear That To School Nikole Nash

Bratty Sis S15:E8

Nikole Nash has missed her bus to college. Now, she requires some help from her stepbrother Jayrock. He agrees, but on one condition. That he has to get dressed first. Oddly, Nikole says she’ll just wait there. That’s when Jayrock realizes exactly how slutty his stepsister really is! Nikole’s skirt is so damn short that he can see she’s totally not wearing any panties to cover her cooter.

Encouraged by Jayrock’s response, Nikole hops on her knees flashes her tight pink teen pussy so he can see what she’s got. Jayrock attempts to convince Nikole to quit her slutty antics, but she can see that he’s getting hard for her. Climbing off the bed, she pulls out Jayrock’s hard cock and starts stroking it even harder. Next, she leads her stepbrother to the bed by his dick where Nikole rubs the head against her throbbing clit.

Jayrock pleads that he can only do this on the outside because he can’t risk getting Nikole pregnant. As Nikole plays with the head of Jayrock’s cock (hey that rhymes), she pops her teen titties out and tweaks her nipples. Then she adjusts her hips so that Jayrock slips inside her juicy wet pink pussy. Once her stepbrother is inside, the taboo interlude starts to pick up sexually.

Jayrock can no longer hold out and even though it is totally wrong, succumbs to fucking his petite sister. Rubbing her clit to increase ensure her personal satisfaction, Nikole encourages Jayrock to fuck her teen pussy hard.  She rolls onto her stomach so he can give it to her from behind Doggystyle. After that Jayrock returns to bed so that Nikole can suck the juices off her freshly fucked pussy.

Once Nikole licks Jayrocks cock clean of girly cum, she mounts him, cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl. This POV position provides Jayrock an amazing view of Nikole’s stretched pussy lips as they grab his manhood. When Nikole has had enough orgasms, she turns on her back and opens her legs wide. Now Jayrock can go wild on his sister’s dripping landing strip teen cunt.

Bratty Sis Baby Batter

Bratty Sis Nikole Nash

Luckily he pulls out at the last possible second to cover Nikole in some sticky white baby batter. Hopefully, she doesn’t get pregnant! Coyly, Nikole agrees to change into something less slutty so that Jayrock finally take her to school.  Nikole Nash is the Flavor of the Month for July 2021 at Nubile-Porn. She deserves every day of it! If you’re as big a fan of Nikole as the Tight Pink Teens™ team is, check out My Family Pies also from our friends at Nubiles-Porn. You won’t regret it!

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