Sucking For Cinco De Mayo!

Sucking For Cinco De Mayo

Lexi Lore, Isabella Nice Step Siblings Caught

Fuck the margaritas and Mariachi band! How about some Sucking For Cinco De Mayo? Lexi Lore and Isabella Nice are decorating for a Cinco de Mayo party with Lexi’s stepbrother Rion King. The girls turn their attention to Rion and casually mention that they’ve never seen him with a girl. Rion is annoyed by the teasing, saying they are always not around him. Isabella wants to make Rion hard by seeing her and Lexi kiss.

Lexi is reluctant, but they agree to pretend kiss each other. Wanting to see the effect on Rion, Isabella pulls down his pants to reveal his surprisingly big cock. Lexi refuses to look at her stepbrother’s impressive manhood, but Isabella wants to shock him even more. She slips her hand into her friend’s shorts to rub her teen pussy into wetness. Rion can’t help being turned on at the sight of tongue-kissing lesbian sex.

Isabella quickly takes advantage as she forces Lexi to touch Rion’s dick. Lexi wants no part for now, so her BFF grabs Rion’s hard-on, pulls it toward her mouth, and licks the tip. Lexi begins an impromptu masturbation session and, after some coaxing, joins in. The two girls then deliver a spicy double blowjob with plenty of ball-sucking. Lexi is now committed to getting dicked down. Isabella urges the trio to relocate to the couch to make it an official teen threesome.

Lexi knows it is wrong to fuck her step-sibling, but her dripping wet teen pussy says otherwise. She takes the first turn riding Rion’s chorizo. Then she gets her teen pussy lips licked by Isabella, who is on her hands and knees, getting her pinata pounded. The girls take turns feasting on one another’s verticle tacos while getting banged muy duro by Rion.

Isabella Nice, Lexi Lore Step Siblings Caught

Sucking For Cinco De Mayo - S10:E3

When the girl’s sexual appetites are satisfied, they work together to get a tequila shot glass of cum from Rion’s flaming hot jalapeno pepper. He satisfies their thirst with mouthfuls of dulce de leche. Isabella Nice and Lexi Lore agree that sucking for Cinco de Mayo is much more fun and flavorful than any guacamole!