Two Stepsisters Get Stuck and Fucked!

Two Stepsisters Get Stuck and Fucked

Two Stepsisters Bratty Sis Threesome

Codey Steele is taking a hot shower when his two stepsisters Kiara Cole and Rosalyn Sphinx slip into the bathroom clad only in towels. The two Bratty Sis stepsisters then drop the towels so that they’re totally nude, before throwing a glass of cold water over Codey’s head. Their antics press Codey over the edge, making him determined to pay them both back for their mischievous ways.

Later on, the two stepsisters are in their bedroom half-naked when Codey decides to confront them. They forcefully tell Codey to get out. However, a couple of minutes later he hears his two stepsisters struggling for some reason. He goes back to their room to find them both stuck in the ladder of their bunk bed. Seizing the moment, Codey spanks both their asses and then pops out his cock for Kiara to suck.

Next, Codey turns up Rosalyn’s miniskirt and slides into her from behind doggystyle. She may be stuck, however, her tight pink teen pussy is nice and wet as Codey fucks her fast and furious. He then gives Kiara the exact same treatment, banging her doggy style. Desperate for freedom, Rosalyn assures Codey that if he gets them out they’ll both fuck him properly. Codey finally frees them and after that immediately asks for his payback.

Kiara isn’t delighted at the thought of taboo fucking her step sibling. Nonetheless, she spreads her sexy legs so Codey can keep up his pink pussy pounding while Rosalyn cradles her shoulders. As Kiara starts to enjoy herself, Rosalyn uses the bunk bed to aid with her balance. She then climbs up onto Kiara’s face to ride her horny stepsiblings mouth. The bunk bed is put to good use as it allows Codey to balance while Rosalyn impales herself on his hard shaft.

Bratty Sis Double Facial

Kiara Cole and Rosalyn Sphinx Cum Swap Kiss

Kiara Cole kneels next to them, sucking at Rosalyn Sphinx‘s clit to make her sister moan. Hopping off Codey’s throbbing wet cock, Rosalyn gets on her knees beside Kiara. They tag team stepbrother Codey to deliver a double blowjob that leaves him all set to pay his two stepsisters back with a messy facial that leaves them cum covered and sexually satisfied. For more of Kiara Cole and Rosalyn Sphinx, be sure and check them both out at StepSiblingsCaught!