When Things Go Too Far!

When Things Go Too Far

Bratty Sis Kenzie Reeves, Lacy Lennon

Kenzie Reeves and Lacy Lennon have enrolled in combat training and cannot wait to practice their new self-defense moves. After changing into their fatigues together, they find Lacy’s stepbrother, AJ. They explain what they want from him, and AJ is definitely not into it. He reluctantly agrees to let the girls try their moves out on him, but that isn’t quite the scenario Kenzie and Lacy envision. They need AJ to have his dick out and hard. This is When Things Go Too Far!

Surprisingly, AJ complies as they tell him to attack Kenzie so she can try to defend herself. That’s all well and good until AJ gets Kenzie’s pants off and then “accidentally” slips into her teen pussy at the crucial moment. His rock-hard cock slides deep into Kenzie’s wet teen pussy easily. At first, Lacy can’t believe that her stepbro has taken things to a sexual level with her BFF.

Or that Kenzie is Distracted By Dick! Kenzie seems to be enjoying her Mutual Attraction fuck session, so it’s not long before Lacy is more into it than shocked. Watching Kenzie get her teen pussy pounded is surprisingly sexy to Lacy. She then removes her shirt and pants so she can join in. She starts by suckling Kenzie’s teen tits and then works her way down to lick AJ’s glistening fuck stick clean.

When AJ and Lacy decide to explore their taboo stepsibling relationship, Kenzie hops onto the couch so that Lacy can finger-fuck and lick her teen pussy lips. All while AJ fucks the sexy redhead from behind. The unlikely fuck trio gets a bit acrobatic when Kenzie finds herself balanced on her shoulders. Kenzie’s hard nipples ping proudly as AJ lifts her ass and slides back into her bald teen pussy.

Bratty Sis Kenzie Reeves, Lacy Lennon

When Things Go Too Far - S16:E12

Lacy helps the couple maintain their balance and continues to do so when Kenzie finds herself riding AJ’s manhood while balancing on one knee with her other leg on the couch. Kenzie takes a break to let Lacy ride AJ’s stiff dick, but that doesn’t mean her fucking is over. She positions herself so her hairy teen pussy is above AJ’s mouth. When the girls finally fulfill their organic needs, they work together to make AJ bust his nut. He rewards with a Cum Swapping Sis duo with a creamy snowball tasty treat. Sometimes when things go too far, it’s a good thing!