I Hope Your Penis Has A Good Fathers Day!

I Hope Your Penis Has A Good Fathers Day

Ryan Reid, Scarlet Skies Step Siblings Caught

Scarlet Skies has her friend Ryan Reid over on I Hope Your Penis Has A Good Fathers Day. Scarlet has made her stepdad, Damon Dice, a loving card. Damon is touched as he opens it. Ryan tells Damon that she has also made him a Father’s Day card. This one, however, is entirely inappropriate. It contains a dick and says that Ryan hopes Damon and his big penis have a lovely Father’s Day.

Ryan says out loud that she wishes she had a hot stepdad like Damon. When Damon awkwardly leaves, Scarlet wants to know what the fuck her friend is doing. Ryan says she can fuck Damon, but his sexy stepdaughter Scarlet can’t. Scarlet wants to understand why, which leads Ryan to realize that Scarlet has a Family Roleplay sex fetish. That’s alright because Ryan has an Old & Young Females fetish.

The teen girls can work with that. Later, they find Damon on the couch and take turns asking him increasingly Bad For Dad sexual questions. Each one is an attempt to one-up the other and seduce stepfather Damon first. Once they both pop their titties out, the girls argue over who gets to suck Damon’s cock before ultimately tag-teaming his lengthy shaft. The competition continues escalating from sucking dick to Scarlet removing her panties and impaling herself on Stepdaddy’s dong.

Ryan is a team player supporting her friend’s weight and frantically rubbing her teen pussy lips as her BFF bounces away. She then gets a turn on Damon’s fuck stick as she rides him, cowgirl, just like Scarlet did. Ryan takes a perfect teen pussy pounding as she lays on her back with the added bonus of Scarlet riding her darting tongue. Getting on her hands and knees, Scarlet commands Damon to cum on her ass.

Ryan Reid, Scarlet Skies Step Siblings Caught

I Hope Your Penis Has A Good Fathers Day - S20:E6

He is already close to busting his nut and will be ready to comply when the time is right! He fucks his stepdaughter doggy-style as she eats Ryan’s sweet teen pussy out as he drops his load right where Scarlet wants it. Running her fingers through her stepdad’s salty treat, Ryan Reid shares the cum with Scarlet Skies as the girls wish Damon a Happy Stepfathers Day Daddy!