Hot For Teacher Fucks Teens!

Hot For Teacher Fucks Teens!

For those of you rockers out there today’s update will harness the heavy metal guitar riffs of Eddie Van Halen while David Lee Roth belts out Hot For Teacher Fucks Teens! Well, that’s not exactly how the song goes but, one view of this hot clip and you will undoubtedly vote that this might be a good time for a remix! 😉 In this “Teacher Fucks Teens” clip, Tyler Nixon and Lucy Doll are getting measured for costumes by their hot as balls teacher Alexis Monroe. The school play depends on them to deliver and Alexis is a master seamstress, requiring that Lucy take off her top, miniskirt, and panties to ensure accurate measurements.

Alexis then asks Tyler to get out of his clothes as even more measurements are taken. This school play is no joke although Alexis has something else she definitely plans on measuring, Tyler’s hard cock! Little do these innocent teens Tyler and Lucy know they are part of a grand teacher fucks teens plan that will have them both in bed with their Hot For Teacher Alexis. Before Tyler even know it’s happening, Alexis let’s out a scream to wake the dead which startles poor Lucy into running into the living room naked as a jaybird. This momentary confusion plays into the hands and mouth of Alexis as she wastes no time swallowing Tyler’s semi hard prick.

Luckily, Lucy isn’t turned off by the planned threesome seduction as her wet pink teen pussy is more than ready for a piece on the action! Alexis and Lucy waste no time gobbling down some cock. Inf act, both and are quite happy taking turns licking and sucking Tyler’s growing cock. While Alexis and Lucy both enjoy the taste of dick in their mouth, they need to be fucked! Tyler first plows into Lucy’s tight teen pussy while Alexis enjoys the festivities between the occasional lesbian pussy eating attempts provided by Lucy. Hey give the girl a break, its hard to concentrate when your pink pussy is being pounded from behind!

Tyler is doing his best to please his older/younger lovers but, it’s clear it’s time for Alexis to get her share of the cock. The girls trade place this time with Lucy grinding her floppy teen pussy on top of Alexis while Tyler resumes his pussy pounding. Only this time it is the prime MILF Pussy of Alexis Monroe that is getting fucked! After some mutual kissing, the threesome changes it up again. Holy fuck, how hot is it when Alexis climbs on top giving the camera a front row view to her shaved fuck hole getting some well deserved young cock? Alexis gives it her all as one can clearly see from the beaded sex sweat upon her lovely face.

Finally, it appears that everyone has received their appropriate (or inappropriate as the case may be) level of sexual satisfaction for this older/younger threesome. Alexis and Lucy reward Tyler with double head that will bring this clip to an unfortunate close. Alexis Monroe, nearly spent allows Lucy Doll to suck off Tyler Nixon until the very end as he spews his pent up sperm all over their gorgeous faces facial style. It takes a lot to impress the staff at Tight Pink Teens and we must say that anything from the team at Nubiles-PORN will not disappoint. See for yourself by clicking the download button for a special offer. If you’re into older/younger sex, Teacher Fucks Teens delivers!