Stepsisters Graduation Day!

Stepsisters Graduation Day

Lulu Chu, Hime Marie Step Siblings Caught

Hime Marie and her BFF Lulu Chu have just graduated! The sexy t have decided to go completely naked beneath their gowns as a Stepsisters Graduation Day prank. They’re chatting about what they’re not wearing as Hime’s stepbrother overhears them. Tony Lovelock comes up to hit on the girls, especially hot Asian teen Lulu. To impress them, Tony has a different kind of Step Sibling Prank War in mind as he whips his big cock out. It’s a big mistake, though.

Unable to control himself, he accidentally cums all over Hime and Lulu’s feet. Disgusted by the wayward sperm, the girls retreat to Hime’s bedroom. Undeterred, Tony follows the girls and learns they are both actually turned on by his dick and subsequent cumshot. Tony watches the girls slip their hands beneath their graduation gowns and masturbate while recalling Tony’s surprisingly nice cock.

Tony is rock-hard again and can’t help himself. He comes up and lends Hime a hand while she assumes it’s Lulu pleasuring her wet teen pussy. When Hime realizes it’s her horny stepbrother, she briefly hesitates. However, with Tony and Lulu urging more, Hime agrees it’s time to fuck. Removing their graduation gowns, the girls exchange lesbian kisses as Tony laps their doggy-style teen pussy lips.

Rolling onto her back, Hime pulls Lulu until she can lick Lulu’s Asian Teen pussy. Meanwhile, Tony gives Hime’s snatch the same treatment. Scooting backward creates a double stack of teenage pussies, allowing Lulu to make out with Hime. Tony once again samples both their charms. When Tony moves low to Hime’s meaty pussy, Lulu turns around to ride Hime’s mouth in reverse cowgirl to watch Tony fill his stepsister.

Hime Marie, Lulu Chu Step Siblings Caught

Stepsisters Graduation Day - S17:E4

As Tony gets closer to cumming, he lays on his back to let the girls do all the work. The girls take turns riding his fuck stick until they’ve both experience orgasm. Satisfied, the girls hop off the dick to suck Tony’s shaft until he nuts a mouthful of cum. Hime Marie and Lulu Chu snowball and blow cum bubbles with the second hot load of the day.

Actors: Hime Marie / Lulu Chu