Giving My Step Sister The Finger!

Giving My Step Sister The Finger

Bratty Sis Paris White

Giving My Step Sister The Finger stars tattooed teen slut, Paris White. The Bratty Sis and her stepbrother Zach Wild don’t get along particularly well. They argue about everything! They fight over the last banana together in the kitchen, searching for a snack. Zach thinks he has it, but in a rage, Paris smashes it before walking out with double deuces. Later, they get to the couch simultaneously, leading to a race for the remote control and more colorful insults.

Still later, when Zach walks in on Paris doing yoga, he sees that she has a big hole in her leggings. Zach points out that he can see Paris’s tight teen pussy, and she responds by taunting him. They return to the middle finger parade. While Paris hops around, flipping her stepbrother off, she manages to land on his outstretched finger. She’s surprised at first but decides that Zach is good for one thing. It’s finger banging her teenage pussy.

Zach is game, so it’s not long before Paris is groping her teen tits and moaning with delight. She isn’t about to leave her stepbro wanting after that nice climax, so she shoves him back and pulls his pants off to reveal a big boner. Getting back to her feet, she turns around and slides her tight teen pussy down on his dick. Turning around as she peels most of her clothes off, Paris resumes riding Zach in cowgirl.

Bratty Sis Paris White

Giving My Step Sister The Finger - S18:E4

She cools it down briefly as she gets on her knees and devours that cock in a sisterly blowjob. Then Paris climbs onto the couch so Zach can give it to her from behind. Her moans guide Zach’s thrusts as he gives her the hard, fast pink porn pussy pounding she craves. When Paris flips onto her back and spreads her thighs wide open, Zach slides back inside his horny stepsisters teens pink pussy one last time. Then he pulls out to just his nut all over Paris’s freshly fucked young pussy. Paris licks her fingers clean of Zach’s impressive load and then returns to their giving my step sister the finger antics again.

Actors: Paris White