White Twins Take Turns!

White Twins Take Turns

Bratty Sis S11:E10

Tony has just become stepbrother to slutty Sami White (half of the White Twins). He can’t enough of their built for fucking bodies. Tony spies on Sami constantly whenever he can perv on her totally nude. He always seems to find some lame excuse so that he can talk with his hot step sibling while she’s only wearing her cum-filled panties and skimpy top. Although Tony has the hots for his new stepsister, they argue on a regular basis.

Today’s fight involves Tony taking the family car. Sami threatens him challenging her stepbrother to do so and then see what happens. Once things calm down the horny step siblings enact their taboo strategy so that Sami and her twin Joey can seduce Tony. The seduction begins with Sami (surprise cumming soon) telling Tony she thinks he’s hot. Moreover, she wants to make a XXX sex video with him!

Sami shows him her teen tits and hot ass, then instructs Tony to pull out his smartphone so she can record their sexcapades. When Tony tries to withstand, Sami (is it really her?) puts his hand on her tight pink teen pussy. Finally Tony concurs and she goes to work sucking his big brown cock. Asserting that she wishes to fuck, Sami leans over on the sofa so Tony can appreciate her huge butt while he bangs one of the White twins from behind doggy style.

The taboo twosome is really getting into their fuck groove when Sami walks in and provides Tony the shock of his life. The White twins were separated at birth and are just getting to know each other after all these years. Tony had no idea Joey existed. Sami wasn’t anticipating Joey to fuck their stepbrother by herself, so the women reunite to talk it over.

Bratty Sis Twins Facial

White Twins Take Turns Fucking

Joey cannot stop talking about Tony’s huge dick, so the women choose to take turns fucking him so they can both enjoy their stepbrother. Tony then leads the twins back into the bedroom. He compares their tight teen pussies, after then their totally fuckable asses. Tony asks the twins to share his dick. Next, Joey begins giving him a blowjob while Sami sucks on his nutsack. They share cock like pros until Tony decides it’s time to fuck their slutty pink pussy times two!

He begins with Joey on her knees as Sami masturbates next to them. Then Sami gets her tun to receive a doggy style pussy pummeling. Rolling onto their backs, the girls each take turns fucking Tony cumming on his cock multiple times. Then Sami and Joey each take a turn riding Tony’s pussy soaked shaft. When he has pleased both twinning stepsisters, Tony commands them to get on their knees so he can provide the White twins a double facial that lets them both taste his orgasm.