Distracted By Dick!

Distracted By Dick

Carolina Sweets Moms Teach Sex

MILF Alana Cruise doesn’t want her adopted daughter Carolina Sweets to go off to college and fail because she’s Distracted By Dick. She’s so concerned that she tries to share her worries with her husband, Dick Chibbles. Dick has problems; he has an early flight to catch, and not even Alana’s mouthwatering big tits and milf pussy coming out to play can make him pay attention to her. When her hubby rolls over and goes to sleep, Alana begins finger-banging her mature pussy.

Frustrated, she needs to cum so she can relax and get some sleep herself. The next day, Alana joins Dick’s son Lucas Frost to see Dick off on his business trip. Alana talks him out of his pants when she’s alone with Lucas to help give her some of the male attention she craves. After all, her stepson has such a nice cock. Alana gets the idea to call Carolina in for some first-time sex and just get it out of her system. Carolina sucks Lucas’s lucky cock at Alana’s coaxing, then lets him eat her out.

She thinks the situation is a bit weird, but Moms The Boss. Lucas explains that Alana is just looking out for her sexual well-being. He gets Carolina to agree to fuck him while Alana watches the taboo display of affection. Unwilling to let the kids have all the fun, Alana joins in to make it a milf threesome. Lucas is more than happy to have two tight pussies to pound. And Alana is eager to teach Carolina about having sex with both boys and girls.

Alana Cruise, Carolina Sweets Moms Teach Sex

Distracted By Dick - S10:E10

It doesn’t take long before they are Fucking Like Rabbits. Carolina has her head between her adopted mom’s legs, and her stepbrother’s big dick is pounding her bald teen pussy from behind. Their threesome concludes with a double blowjob as the girls relieve Lucas of his hot load by taking a facial together. Tender cum kisses are shared, knowing Carolina won’t be distracted by dick at college!