Unwrapping Step Sis For Christmas!

Unwrapping Step Sis For Christmas

Bratty Sis Jewelz Blu

Jewelz Blu and her stepbrother Tyler Nixon have a good relationship, but things are about to rise to a new level this Christmas. Jewelz tells Tyler she knows where Mom and Dad hid their presents. Unwrapping Step Sis For Christmas is what he wants! Then asks if he wants to check them out with her. They sneak into the closet to feel the wrapped gifts in the dark. Since it’s so dark and the quarters are so dark, a few other mishaps happen. Tyler accidentally cops a feel of Jewelz’s boobs, but she gets a handful of Dick Under The Tree.

They laugh it off at the moment, but Jewelz is thrilled she got to Poke A Tree With A Dick In It! Now, she knows she’s headed straight to The Naughty List. Jewelz can’t stop thinking about what her stepbrother is packing. Later, she starts feeling up her tight teen body in her room as she daydreams about Sitting On Santas Lap. Peeling her shorts down, she reveals her perfect teen pussy and begins working on her engorged clit. Soon, her perfect tits pop out, so she can play with those as well. It feels fantastic, but that’s not all Jewelz wants.

Rather than continue to masturbate and daydream, Jewelz starts pursuing Tyler. Despite Jewelz’s best efforts, Tyler shoots her down. A lesser girl would have been discouraged, but Jewelz wants Dick for Christmas. She tries again, wrapping herself up and lying beneath the Christmas tree until Tyler finds her. Her second seduction attempt is more convincing. Soon, she gets Tyler on his knees, feeling her teen boobs up.

Bratty Sis Jewelz Blu

Unwrapping Step Sis For Christmas - S12:E5

Then she urges him close so she can pop his hardon out of his shorts and finally get a taste. Sucking cock makes Jewelz crave more, so she turns around and has Tyler slam into her doggy style. She rides on his stiffie as her tits bounce with every stroke. The orgasmic bliss hits Jewelz once she’s on her back and her brother buried balls deep inside her hot teen pussy. Tyler then pulls out and blasts Jewelz’s mid-section in cum. Santa brought her what she wanted for Christmas. Jewelz Blue can Lick My Candy Cane anytime!

Actors: Jewelz Blu