The Naughty List!

The Naughty List

Alex Blake, Cherie Deville Moms Teach Sex

Cherie Deville is ready and waiting for her husband, Sebastian Diox, who’s dressed as Santa. The Naughty List MILF is eager to pull down her shirt and show off her bra. Her miniskirt rides up to reveal that she’s not wearing any panties. They think their kids are asleep, but Alex Blake comes prancing in to complain about her homework. Cherie and Sebastian relocate to their bedroom, where Kyle Mason walks in on Cherie sucking Sebastian off.

Rather than feeling embarrassed, Kyle whips out his cock. He then starts masturbating at the sight of his stepmom’s big butt hiked in the air while her head bobs up and down. Cherie knows her stepson is watching, and she turns around so he can see his dad’s cumshot on her face. Later, Kyle puts out Christmas cookies and milk for Santa, instructing whoever finds the note to look under the tree for a dick under the tree.

Alex finds the letter first, followed by Cherie. Kyle dresses in his dad’s Santa costume, then waits on the couch. Alex comes to him wearing some festive lingerie. Apparently, the sex addict siblings have been fucking and are afraid they will get caught one of these days. Undeterred, Alex begins a sexy striptease that culminates in a blowjob. When she’s naked, she pulls her panties to the side and climbs onto Kyle’s candy cane for a ride.

After enjoying a quivering climax, Alex moves up Kyle’s body to plant her tight teen pussy in her stepbrother’s mouth. That’s when Cherie joins her, sneaking up behind Alex while wearing Christmas lingerie of her own. Alex is initially surprised. However, her mom clarifies that she’s willing to share. That kicks off a blowjob from (one of the best in the adult business) Cherie DeVille, leading to a hardcore threesome.

Alex Blake, Cherie Deville Moms Teach Sex

The Naughty List - S9:E7

Cherie teaches Alex how to eat pussy properly as the girls get their pink porn pussies pounded. They wind up side by side on their hands and knees as Kyle fucks the naughty list twosome doggy style, one at a time. His pink pussy feast ends when Kyle pulls out to then covers both firm asses in eggnog. Moments later, Sebastian comes in to see the commotion and freaks out when he sees his taboo family naked and cum-drained.