Step Sisters Fashion Show!

Step Sisters Fashion Show

Bratty Sis Thalia Diaz

Bratty Sis Thalia Diaz has just returned home from a clothing buying spree. Now she wishes to show off her cute brand-new outfits for her stepbrother, Jay. She wants his dude’s viewpoint while she gives him a Step Sisters Fashion Show. Jay is surprised to recognize that his annoying stepsis actually looks smoking hot in her new threads. The final outfit is totally translucent, which makes Jay pop a complete boner. Thalia can’t help but notice his engorged manhood.

Instead of getting pissed, Thalia chooses to help him take care of his predicament. She created the issue, after all. Reaching out to take Jay’s cock in hand, Thalia starts rubbing it. Surprisingly, this makes Thalia seriously horny, so she leans in to start sucking Jay’s throbbing dick. From there, it’s a simple point for this cum yearning cutie to make a decision that she as well as her brother can have a taboo time together.

She coaxes Jay into checking his dick out. It doesn’t take long before Thalia comes down on him with her back to him to make sure that he can admire her phat ass as her tight teen pussy engulfs his cock. Rolling onto her back, Thalia spreads herself vast open for a good time with Jay. She ultimately jumps on her stubborn belly so that Jay can go to town. Directed by Thalia’s groans of joy, Jay presses that butt, pounding away until his stepsister orgasms.

Bratty Sis Thalia Diaz

Step Sisters Fashion Show - S16:E6

A few strokes later, Jay pulls out to cum hard on Thalia’s lovely Latina ass. That’s the very best compliment her huge stepbro can offer her about her step sisters fashion show. However, there’s no sexual afterglow for the taboo twosome. Their mom and dad come back home as they’re finishing up. Braced-faced Thalia Diaz started her porn star in 2019. Since her debut, Thalia has played the teen get fucked role to pink porn perfection. Thalia also goes by the name Leah Rodriguez, so be sure and check her out at Adult Time.

Actors: Thalia Diaz