Be Nice To Brother!

Be Nice To Brother

Bratty Sis Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde is a sassy teen who loves to order her stepbrother Oliver Flynn around. The teen temptress demands that her Jealous Step Brother, Oliver bring her breakfast. Oliver’s dad Brad Newman tries to step in and tell Jane that she must Be Nice To Brother. She will lose her driving privileges if she doesn’t straighten up her act. This finally empowers Oliver to stand up to her bitchy behavior.

The next time Jane orders Oliver to do her chores, there is a big cock twist. The verbally abused stepbrother counters her demand, telling her he’ll do it in exchange for a handjob. Although reluctant initially, Jane starts stroking Oliver’s hard dick. He then coaxes her to suck the tip of his big dick, which she hesitates but does. Eventually, Jane’s efforts pay off when her stepbrother coats her throat with a hot load of cum to swallow.

Oliver’s confidence and newfound resistance to Jane’s demands don’t stop there. When she calls him to do her laundry, he stands his ground. Oliver will do the laundry if she will bend over so he can fuck her. Moreover, he’ll do whatever she wants. Jane agrees, but only if he only fucks tight teen pussy from behind. Climbing on the bed, Jane lets Oliver pull her panties down and strokes her teen pussy lips.

Jane then rubs some of her pussy juice onto her honey hole, preparing her for entry. She moans in pleasure as her step brothers dick fills her up and fucks her until she has a surprising climax. Turning onto her side, Jane breaks her fucking from behind rule and lets Oliver pound her teenage pussy while she looks him in the eye.

Bratty Sis Jane Wilde

Be Nice To Brother - S7:E9

She pulls a blanket over Oliver’s head to keep her stepdad from catching them fucking instead of fighting. The horny step siblings then return to banging until Oliver busts his nut inside his stepsister. As the creampie drips from her beautiful teen pussy, they both get caught in their be nice to brother cool-down by their father. For more Fun-Sized Jane Wilde, grab some tissue, then head over to Detention Girls, My Family Pies, and Princess Cum!

Actors: Jane Wilde