Dick Under The Tree!

Dick Under The Tree

Dick Under The Tree - S11:E9

Seth Gamble loves Christmas, especially now that he has Vanna Bardot as a stepsister. He has a special gift in mind for Vanna. Sitting down under the Christmas tree, Seth slips his dick into a box and waits for Vanna to find him. She accuses him of sneaking peeks at presents, which is secretly what she wants to do. Seth has the perfect stepsisters gift to unwrap. Dick Under The Tree!

He suggests that Vanna unwrap his gift because the lid pops right off. She’s not impressed as she finds Seth’s dick instead of a gift. Mocking him for his unoriginality. Later, Seth tries to make things right by bringing Vanna some hot chocolate to help her warm up in the cold house. He suggests they share a blanket and cuddle while watching a Christmas movie.

Seth makes it just a hot minute before he starts stroking his man meat. Vanna, of course, catches him and tosses the blanket off. Unnerved, Seth pushes his luck further. Boldly, he suggests Vanna rub his dick. Luckily, she agrees! Seeing her stepbrothers hard-on has got her pretty turned on. She gives Seth a taste of her tits and a peek at her ass before going in for a handjob.

Vanna Bardot Step Siblings Caught

Vanna Bardot Step Siblings Caught

It’s not long before her handjob turns into a blowjob. Why stop there when they’re enjoying each other so much? Vanna climbs onto Seth’s lap and rubs her teenage pussy juices all over his fuck stick before shifting her hips so he enters her. After her stiffy ride, step sister fucker Vanna gets on her knees on the couch so Seth can bang her doggy style. Her hairy young pussy is dripping with excitement as he flips her on her back to finish his hot redhead sister off. Moments later, Seth pulls out to cover Vanna from pink porn pussy to forehead in a stream of cum.

Actors: Vanna Bardot