Draw Me Naked Stepbrother!

Draw Me Naked Stepbrother

Bratty Sis Liz Jordan

Draw Me Naked Stepbrother starts as Apollo Banks has an art assignment to draw a nude model. He has chosen his mom, which is weird to his stepsister Liz Jordan. Liz comes to Apollo’s room to tell him that dinner is ready. She offers to have Apollo draw her instead, but Apollo insists that would be too much. He might get hard, which wouldn’t be right. Liz finally offers that if Apollo draws her and it gets weird, she’ll put her robe back on, and they can stop.

Later, step sis Liz joins Apollo in his bedroom. Dropping her robe, she crawls into bed and assumes a pose for Apollo to draw. She runs her fingers over her body until her nipples harden, which only stokes Apollo’s uncontrollable sexual urges hotter. He can’t help it. Apollo draws a dick cumming all over his stepsisters portrait. When Liz insists on checking the portrait, she instantly understands what’s happening.

Fortunately, she can help her stepbro with this as well. She offers to take care of Apollo’s needs so he can draw a better portrait for school. Dragging Apollo to the bed, Liz unbuckles his hardon and goes to work, sucking him off. Her blowjob gets Apollo even hornier, but Liz can take care of that, too. Hopping into bed, she spreads her thighs and encourages Apollo to shove it in her teenage pussy. Liz can’t believe how good her stepbrother’s dick feels inside her!

Bratty Sis Liz Jordan

Draw Me Naked Stepbrother - S23:E1

She has to ride it in cowgirl and then turn around to keep bouncing away as she rubs her clit. Liz watches over her shoulder as Apollo spoons behind her, falling to the side. He barely misses a beat when Liz gets on her knees so he can do her doggy style. When Liz returns to her back, Apollo gives it to her nice and hard until he pulls out and blows his wad all over her chest. Giggling, Liz tells Apollo he’d better start drawing her. So what would you do if the good stepsister asks, “Draw Me Naked Stepbrother?”

Actors: Liz Jordan