Help Your Stepsister Out!

Help Your Stepsister Out

Liz Jordan Help Your Stepsister Out

Bratty Sis Lis Jordan needs some help from her stepbrother, Tony. They need to clean the house, but she really doesn’t want to do with it. Liz begs and pleads for Tony to do it for her. It’s always important to help your stepsister out, right? However, he tells her to get lost. The next thing you know, Tony comes into the kitchen and finds Liz’s hand stuck in the garbage disposal.

Like any good stepbrother, he helps her out by pulling her shorts down and sliding his big dick into his stepsister’s tight pink teen pussy! Not surprisingly, Liz likes the way her big brother’s cock feels inside her tight baby maker. As soon as she’s freed from the sink, Liz decides it’s time to take things to the next level sexually. The step-siblings relocate to the bedroom, and Liz wastes no time pulling Tony’s fuck stick to her open mouth.

She clearly enjoys oral and her blowjob skills rival any teen slut in porn. Liz Jordan’s taboo lust grows stronger as she sucks and strokes Tony’s beefy manhood. She loves giving head but, wants that dick back inside her asap. She gets to her hands and knees, turns around, and impales her teen pussy on Tony’s cock balls deep. Liz delivers one hell of a ride as she bounces her ass up and down that leaves both step-siblings wanting to cum.

Liz Jordan Swallows Cum

Help Your Step Sister Out - S16:E11

Tony takes control as Liz gets on her back, spreading her legs wide open for her final orgasms courtesy of her stepbrother’s dick. Tony obliges and pounds her deep and hard as she cums on his cock. Now, it’s Tony’s turn as Liz gets on her hands and knees so Tony fuck her from behind doggy style. He brings her off one last time and prepares for his own sexual pleasure. Liz goes back to licking and sucking until Tony rewards her with a load of brotherly love down. Liz Jordan gladly swallows warm cum down her throat! This proves just how important it is to Help Your Stepsister Out!

Actors: Liz Jordan