Cum At The End Of The Rainbow!

Cum At The End Of The Rainbow

Cum At The End Of The Rainbow - S12:E7

Jewelz Blu can’t find her car keys anywhere! She rummages through the room, then moves on to her stepbrother, Ricky Spanish. She goes through Ricky’s pockets and feels something hard. Ricky insists it’s his dick, but Jewelz insists that Ricky’s small cock couldn’t possibly be what she’s feeling. In retribution, Ricky leaves the room and returns, holding a pot of gold which turns into Cum At The End Of The Rainbow!

He tells Jewelz that the keys are at the bottom of the pot, and all she has to do is reach in. When she does, she grabs Ricky’s cock. Her quick feel is all it takes to prove his dick is bigger than she thought. Enchanted by her newfound sex toy, Jewelz sinks to her knees and pops her firm tits out to entice Ricky into letting her play with it. She immediately puts her hands and mouth to work, giving Ricky a sexy stepsis blowjob.

Then she peels off her shorts and panties to slide down on Ricky’s lengthy shaft. Riding him is just what this cum craving slut needs to feel whole, especially when Jewelz turns around so she can make eye contact with her brother. Climbing onto the couch on her hands and knees, Jewelz presents her perfectly-shaped ass for Ricky to keep up his teen pussy pounding.

Jewelz Blu Step Siblings Caught

Jewelz Blu Step Siblings Caught

Then she flips onto her hands and knees. Now Jewelz can enjoy shoving himself balls deep into her tight teen pussy. All the while encouraging  Ricky to cum for her. He obeys her command, pulling out and covering Jewelz’s sexy stomach in cum at the rainbow’s end. Running her fingers through the sticky leprechaun treat, Jewelz licks them clean. She moans in post-orgasmic satisfaction until Ricky reveals that her keys have been on the rack the whole time.

Actors: Jewelz Blu