Spying On My Sister Alexa Grace!

Logan Long is excited to finally receive his mail-order x-ray glasses. He tries them out on his Bratty Sis Alexa Grace, and is shocked to find that they actually work! Logan can see right through Alexa’s clothes to her bare tits and panties. Once he realizes how cool the x-ray specs are, he keeps on creeping on Alexa. Now, he can truly enjoy her sexy body and supple ass. He quickly learns that Alexa often doesn’t wear bras, and her pink teen pussy likes to go commando as well. Eventually, Alexa gets sick of the creepy and perverted looks Logan is casting her way.

Alexa then decides to steals the glasses from Logan. When Alexa puts them on, she realizes that Logan is actually seeing her fully naked. No wonder that sick brother fucker is wearing them all the time! Now that Alexa is wearing them, she gets an eyeful of his nice cock. An image that she can’t get out of her mind. Now that they have “eye-fucked” one another, Alexa agrees to Logan’s suggestion that they can fuck each other. Mums the word and no one needs to tell either parent of their taboo sibling hookup.

Quickly Alexa is on her knees with Logan’s big cock shoved deep in her mouth. Fast forward and we see Alexa falling onto her back on the couch. She then spreads her juicy thighs so Logan can go balls deep into her creamy pink pussy. Frantically rubbing her own clit, Alexa brings herself to an amazing orgasm while Logan continues pounding her teen pussy fuck hole. Next, Alexa gets on her hands and knees to take Logan’s dick doggy style. The room is consumed with sexual sounds and orgasmic groans. The sexual crescendo builds until Logan responds to Alexa’s high-pitched encouragement by pulling out and cumming all over her left ass cheek!

Actors: Alexa Grace