Step Bro Gets A Hole In One!

Step Bro Gets A Hole In One

Chloe Temple Step Siblings Caught

Chloe Temple has scored tickets to a major golf tournament, so she has decided to masquerade as a pro golfer. To achieve that, she knows she’ll have to look the part. She dresses in slutty golf clothes, complete with a short miniskirt and no panties. With the look down, all Chloe needs to do is learn how to golf. Grabbing a club, she wanders into the kitchen to practice her swing. Codey Steele is there, and it won’t be long before this Step Bro Gets A Hole In One!

Chloe asks Codey for golf lessons. He explains to his baby stepsister that she won’t be golfing and that if she dresses cute, she’ll be fine. Codey says that if Chloe sucks his dick, he’ll help her. Codey decides to help out anyway since it gives him an excuse to grind against his stepsisters ass and grab her tits. As Chloe has yet another terrible swing, Codey gets an idea. He tells Chloe that all the pros learn to golf by having a cock inside them while they swing, placing them in the perfect position.

Chloe wants to look like a pro and agrees to take the dick if he doesn’t thrust. Of course, Codey doesn’t keep his word not to thrust. Nevertheless, Chloe agrees that it’s helping her with her golf swing. Eventually, she decides that fucking her stepbrother is way more fun than pretending to be a golf pro. So she drops the club and gives Codey a big kiss before leading him to the couch.

Pushing Chloe down, Codey samples her dripping wet pussy before swapping spots so she can finally deliver the blowjob he originally wanted. Rearing back, he can now rub his long iron on her perky teen tits. Now that the stepsiblings have decided to bone down, it’s time to fuck! Chloe climbs onto Codey and rides him in reverse cowgirl as he jackhammers her tight teen pussy from underneath.

Chloe Temple Step Siblings Caught

Step Bro Gets A Hole In One - S16:E2

Turning around, Chloe leans forward and works her petite butt on Codey as she continues her wild ride. Then she gets on her knees and leans over the couch. Codey can now take her from behind again. They end their golf lesson with Chloe on her back while Codey is buried balls-deep between her legs. With Chloe’s young pussy pulsing around his nine iron, Codey feels his load ready to rip. He pulls out just in time to shoot his load right down her fairway from muff to mouth. Freshly fucked, his sexy stepsis is ready for the 19th hole!

Actors: Chloe Temple