You’re Going To Get Cum On Your Face Alicia Williams!

You’re Going To Get Cum On Your Face Alicia Williams

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Alicia Williams is looking amazingly sexy for her first date with a man that likes perky teen tits. Her horny stepbrother, Jason, overhears Alicia talking to her BFF about how fucking hot she looks for her night out on the town. He challenges Alicia about her attire since he’s concerned that by looking slutty, she’s sending her date the totally wrong message.

Like any concerned brother, he offers to show her exactly how to dress attractively without looking like a total whore. They go to Alicia’s bedroom where Jason picks out some sweats for her to put on. Despite Jason’s objections, Alicia gets naked but decides that she does not like the clothes and not wearing them on her date. Jason freaks out but before he leaves the room informs his step sibling that if she maintains her slutty ways that she’s going to get cum on her face.

Later on, Alicia joins her stepbrother on the sofa to say she’s sorry for the way she acted out earlier. Alicia barely gets the words out when she discovers that his dick is hard! Instead of getting upset, Alicia decides to give Jason a blowjob. Sucking her stepbrother’s hard cock leaves Alicia’s tight pink teen pussy wet and wanting more. She coaxes him into giving in to her advances and removes her clothes so he can check out her naked body again.

Bratty Sis Gets Cum On Her Face

Alicia Williams

She then leads Jason back into the bedroom, where she resumes her oral assault prior to rolling onto her back. Alicia spreads her legs wide inviting Jason to fuck her barely legal teen pussy. It doesn’t take long before Alicia moves to her hands and offering her heart-shaped ass to Jason. As he bangs his stepsister balls deep, she entices him even more by using both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart.

After another round of sucking Jason’s cock, Alicia impales herself cowgirl style. It doesn’t take long for her to turn around reverse cowgirl style giving Jason the ride of his life! The taboo twosome finishes their tryst with Alicia on her back one last time. Jason can’t hold out any longer and pulls out just in time. He then blasts his sister’s face, with a sticky facial. Bratty Sis Alicia Williams ends up with cum on her face just as Jason had originally guaranteed.

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