The Good Stepsister!

The Good Stepsister

Good Stepsister Jewelz Blu Submissive Sex

Jewelz Blu is usually a very good stepsister. That said she has a very atypical step-sibling relationship with her stepbrother Kyle Mason. They try their best to be kind to one another. Kyle even brings Jewelz breakfast in bed and enjoys pointing out that her tits have popped out of her nightgown. Later, Kyle notices that Jewelz is having difficulty staying focused while she is trying to do her homework.

In an effort to get Jewelz to concentrate, Kyle has a plan to get her back on track. He drags Jewelz into the bedroom and ties her up so he can spank some sense into his blue hair stepsister. Kyle’s plan backfires but, in a good way. Jewelz starts to enjoy the spankings and even though she cannot use her hands, she can use her feet to feel that Kyle has a boner. Turning around with her wrists still tied, Jewelz tells Kyle what she really needs is a good fucked!

If he’ll just give her some dick, she’ll get back to studying like a good girl. Kyle is more than pleased to help Jewelz focus on her studies. He then takes his cock out and shoves it balls deep into Jewelz from behind doggy style. Now that he’s had a sexual taste of his stepsister, Kyle isn’t about to stop fucking her tight pink teen pussy. He unties her from the bed and lets her down on her hands and knees.

Cum on Jewelz Blue

The Good Step Sister - S12:E8

Now, she can give him a blowjob even though her wrists are still restrained. Next, Kyle lays down so Jewelz can climb on top and ride him reverse cowgirl. Her shave teen pussy is nearly is satisfied with each orgasm. Jewelz Blu falls onto her back and spreads her legs wide for Kyle to pound her grade A pussy hard and fast. Now it’s his turn to cum as pulls out and covers his stepsister in his Step Siblings Caught salty seed.

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