Kyler Quinn Proves Resistance Is Futile!

Kyler Quinn Proves Resistance Is Futile


Kyler Quinn and hot stepmom Claudia Monet are working around the house when Seth Gamble strolls in to assist. she then decides to make their chores a bit more fun by flirting with Seth as they clean the counter. She makes sure Claudia is not looking, then gives her teen tits a squeeze for Seth to see. Next, she winks at Seth and urges him to grope her fleshy mounds.

Kyler’s ass is Seth’s next reward as she lifts her miniskirt to reveal her sweet cheeks and sexy thong. Continuing her sexy antics, Kyler heads to the refrigerator and retrieves a cucumber. Much to Seth’s amazement, she starts giving it a pretend blowjob. She then lifts her skirt and proceeds to masturbate her pink teen pussy. Licking her pink pussy juices off of it, Kyler places the cucumber back in the refrigerator and commands Seth to follow her.

The siblings relocate to the bedroom, where Kyler proclaims that they shouldn’t actually fuck, but that they can still play together. Seth is game to whip his cock out as he watches stepsister Kyler masturbate. They’re just getting into their masturbatory groove when Claudia walks in to get the laundry. Luckily, the horny twosome conceals their naughty behavior just in time.

Curious, Claudia asks Seth why he is in his sister’s bedroom. He quickly responds that he’s aiding Kyler with her schoolwork. Claudia is delighted that her children are managing to work together so well! After they nearly getting caught, Kyler calls it quits for their taboo sex play. The kids are playing cards in the living room later when Kyler starts to tease Seth once again with her titties. Seth’s already in pain from his blue balls earlier and pleads with Kyler to allow him fuck her.

Step Siblings Caught Taboo Fucking


She says no but does say yes to sucking his dick. Kyler keeps her word, sucking Seth’s cock but all that does is make him even hornier! Realizing their sexual tension, Kyler allows Seth to lift her miniskirt and allows him to enter her tight pink teen pussy. Once inside, Kyler focuses on keeping her groans to a minimum to keep their stepmother from figuring them out.

Kyler takes it doggy style prior to hopping on Seth’s fuck stick and riding him to a screaming orgasm. After she’s done cumming, Kyler jumps off Seth’s prick and goes back to sucking him off. It doesn’t take long before he shoots a mouthful of cum down her throat. Watch the entire Step Siblings Caught video to see if Kyler Quinn gets caught naked with cum dripping out of her mouth.

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