The Big Bad Wolf!

The Big Bad Wolf

Bratty Sis Whitney Wright

Bratty Sis Whitney Wright is really into Halloween. Especially when it means getting dressed up to go to a party. Her excitement builds as she chats with her boyfriend on the phone about the party they’re going to late that evening. Whitney tells her boyfriend that The Big Bad Wolf costume came in and that she’ll wait for him to put it on. Her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, listens intently as he wants to go. However, Whitney informs Nathan he isn’t invited and slams the door in his face.

Nathan gets back at her later when he puts on Whitney’s boyfriend’s costume and approaches her while she’s watching a movie. Lifting Whitney’s miniskirt, Nathan plans they will soon be Fucking Like Rabbits, and the big bad wolf too! Whitney is totally into it as he moves her thong aside, caressing her teen pussy lips. Whitney can’t wait any longer and needs her masked beau to Just Stick It in! She takes the cock in the doggy, as she takes her tits out of the costume so she can fondle them.

When Whitney turns around to clean her hot teen pussy juice off the masked lover’s dick, she realizes something isn’t right. She wants to see the big bad wolf’s face for real. When she removes the mask, she quickly realizes Its All In The Details. It’s her stepbrother, Nathan! Whitney is pissed that her stepbrother tricked her, but she likes his big cock inside her. So she must Be Nice To Brother! Climbing onto Nathan’s lap, Whitney impales onto her brother’s stiff shaft. He holds Whitney’s in place as she pogo sticks on his dick.

Bratty Sis Whitney Wright

The Big Bad Wolf - S15:E12

Then she turns around and leans forward to press her Stepsisters Boo Bags into Nathan’s face as she keeps the pace. When Whitney falls onto her back, Nathan holds one of her legs high so he can pound away at her greedy teenage pussy. After her final orgasm, he pulls out and covers Whitney’s beautiful teen pussy and right inner thigh with Something Sticky. As much as they would like round two, they can’t bask in the afterglow or risk getting caught. However, they agree not to tell anyone they are now Sex Addict Siblings!